Marketing Genius or Generally an ass??

From an early age Charlie has taken an interest in the news and weather. at first it was cute but when your 2 year old relays vital information to you about wars, death and politics you realise that south today maybe isn’t the best forum for him.  Newsround is a great substitiute we watch it once a day.  The news is current and in line with general news programmes but aimed at children.

Moo loves it. We have been watching with interest for a week now where the ‘Olympic Flame’ is.  So you can imagine my interest when was mentioned tweeting the way through his jog.  Now part of me thinks-  that’s so cool using social media to promote the flame – he even started a hashtag – #tweetthetorch and then the other part of me thinks. Argh! Come on it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity a privilege and you spent your time on your phone.

My question to you is:-

Should we use social media at every opportunity to share as much as we possibly can?

Or is there a time and place for social media use.


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