The Benefits of Using CAT 6 Cable

Ethernet cables are the preferable way to connect to the internet. While wireless connections are all the rage and provide unmatched convenience and flexibility, the quality of those connections cannot hold a candle to those provided by ethernet cables.

For many businesses, CAT 6 cables are the ideal way to go. As it turns out, there are serious benefits to be had by using CAT 6 cables, whether in a business or residential setting.

Data Transfer Speeds

The single biggest reason to invest in a CAT 6 cable is because of the increased data transfer speeds. Wireless connections have to deal with any number of variables, which can hinder transfer speeds. That is not a problem with CAT 6 cables, making them ideal for businesses large and small.

CAT6 can perform data transfer speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps (1GB) per second. That said, those speeds are often lessened over longer distances. To get the maximum speed out of a CAT 6 cable, the distance should be kept under 180 feet. CAT 6 can max out at around 10 gigabits of data per second over very short connections (less than 164 feet).

The Benefits of Using CAT 6 Cable

Resistant to Interference:

Another major reason to invest in CAT 6 cables is because they offer better resistance to interference. Perhaps the biggest issue with using a wireless connection is that there is interference abounds. Signals and sound waves can distort and lessen the quality of the data transfer.

By using CAT 6 cables, there is a massive reduction in signal interference or “crosstalk.” The clearer signal is not only transmitted far more quickly but with little to no degradation to the data being transferred. For situations where data interference must be kept limited, CAT 6 can provide the best possible connection for devices of all types.

Compatibility with Older Networks:

One of the biggest issues of changing out your existing cabling is determining whether the new type will be compatible with older networks. The good news is that CAT 6 cables are capable of being used with older, existing networks. Using CAT 6 can provide a seamless transition and cut down on downtime.

Cat 6 uses RJ-45 standard connectors, which is the same standard connector as previous ethernet cable types. CAT 6 cables are also reverse compatible with Cat3, Cat5e, and Cat5 cabling. For businesses that have existing cabling connections with older cables, the upgrade to CAT6 can be a wonderfully simple way to upgrade without having to invest time and resources into a major changeover.

CAT 6 is the Way to Go:

If you have the need for it (and can fit it into your budget), CAT 6 is not only ideal for businesses but also for home setups. It is safe, and secure, and offers the fastest transfer speeds around. If you cannot put your data security at risk and cannot tolerate slower transfer times, CAT 6 will put you in the driver’s seat. Even better, this cable type is widely available no matter what use you plan to get.

Ethernet should be the preferred cable connection compared to wireless. Though the latter is much more convenient, allowing you to take your devices wherever you need them to be, it has major compromises. Being hooked up with a CAT 6 ethernet connection will allow you to keep data secure, transfer it at high speeds, and work within an existing network connection. The benefits are very clear and making the switch to CAT 6 is something you should be considering in the near future. Make the switch today.

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