Understanding the Pre-School Curriculum

Nursery, also known as pre-school or kindergarten, is an important opportunity for children to develop a variety of key skills that will serve them well as they move up to “big school”. The early year’s curriculum is wide-reaching and encourages children to pursue a range of interests while developing their language skills. Read on for further information from a nursery in Earlsfield, who have been praised for their high quality of teaching and inspiring staff. Understanding the Pre-School Curriculum

Of course, the specific curriculum will heavily depend on which nursery you choose, as individual establishments often take varying approaches. Regardless, the nursery will allow your child to develop on personal, emotional, and social levels. They will start to explore literacy and maths, while also learning more about the world around them and how things work. The diverse experiences offered to nursery children allows them to develop a stronger sense of self, as well as social skills that encourage them to respect others. For example, children must learn how to take turns, cooperate and use their imaginations to solve different problems.

At the nursery, children are urged to explore their creativity through drawing, colouring, painting, music, role play, and a range of other activities. In addition, there are typically activities that encourage the physical development of children to improve their coordination and fitness. These activities allow them to interact with their peers and teachers, encouraging communication and general social skills. What’s more, they allow children to master both gross motor and fine motor skills, which are crucial in carrying out normal, everyday tasks. 

So, regardless of the philosophy your child’s pre-school follows, the curriculum will typically focus on helping children meet the physical, emotional, social, language, and cognitive milestones. This prepares them for their future schooling and helps them with the transition. Before enrolling your child in a particular nursery, be sure to pay them a visit to meet the staff and other parents who might be joining, as this will give you further insight into the curriculum and what you can expect. 

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