Win Them With the Wow Factor: Hotel Design With Guests in Mind

If you live in an area with lots of tourist traffic and plenty of fun activities, you may have thought about getting into the hotel business. After all, those people need a safe, secure and fun place to stay when they visit your neck of the woods, and providing great accommodations can be good for your bottom line.The best hotels understand that they are in the customer service business, and they work very hard to design their rooms with the needs of their guests in mind. Whether you are thinking about opening your first hotel or motel or getting ready to renovation an existing property, here are some tips you can use to please your guests and design a property that meets their needs.


Practical Needs
Designing a beautiful space for your hotel guests is important, but sometimes the most necessary amenities are also the most practical. These days hotel guests expect to have free Wi-Fi in their rooms, so setting up a robust wireless network is an absolute must. The cost of networking equipment has come down quite a bit, so you might not have to spend as much as you think to keep your guests connected.
If a good portion of your clientele are traveling on business, you should also consider adding comfortable desks and workspaces to your suites, or even your basic rooms. Having a comfortable place to get work done will make the in-room Wi-Fi you provide all the more useful

Designing a Beautiful Space
Whether you own a hotel or a motel, adding a restaurant could greatly increase your profits and encourage more guests to stay with you. Many travelers look for nearby restaurants when they choose a place to stay, and having an on-site restaurant is the ultimate in convenience.
When designing that eating space, think about the comfort of your guests and aim to make their stay as nice as possible. Something as simple as sturdy restaurant table bases can make a huge difference, as can comfortable chairs that are easy to move around. While you still want the food to be the star of the show, you should not overlook the creature comforts when designing or redesigning a hotel restaurant.

Create a Dynamic Lobby
Whether your hotel is a budget property or a high-end one, the lobby is the first thing your guests will see. Make that first impression a great one by creating an engaging and dynamic multi-use environment.More and more hotels are transforming their boring lobbies from places where bored visitors hang out to workspaces where business travelers can get work done, kids can play and everyone can have a great time.

The Hotel Spa Experience
The hotel spa has long been a mainstay of the upscale property, but many guests do not want to leave their rooms to enjoy a nice soak or a relaxing night. That is why so many hotel owners are building spa-like amenities into their guest rooms.
From deep soak tubs to Jacuzzis with lots of jets, hotel builders are going all out to make sure their guests are pampered from check-in to check-out. Adding these features to your existing suites or building them in from the ground up can increase demand for these high-end rooms and boost your bottom line.her ideas online and her interior design ideas can be found on a number of specialist websites.

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