3 Reasons Your Office Needs a Vending Machine

Have you ever considered whether it is worth having a coffee machine in your office?  It’s important for employees (well actually everyone!) to take regular breaks from working, especially if you stare at a computer all day. Leaving your task to get a drink, have a coffee break enables your mind, eyes and body time to refocus. So if you have employees or maybe you hot desk regularly, you might want to consider the benefits of having a coffee vending machine.

Photo Credit Shutterstock

Photo Credit Shutterstock

  1. Hygiene : With a vending machine you reduce the need for washing up and keeping a kitchen area clean.  The wrath of accidentally using someones favourite mug or heaven forbid breaking it, I mean don’t even look at my Harry Potter Cauldron Mug! Those gremlins (and Daddy Moo is so one of these) who pile used cups up on their desk waiting for the moment they take them self off to the sink for a wash!  There is no such thing as a cleaning fairy (if there is mine is well a truly broken!)! Who wants to deal with this at work??
  2. Convenience : Vending machines provide a convenient option for everyone. There is more variety on offer too and the hygiene points are eliminated as the vending machine provider takes care of cleaning, maintenance and restocking.
  3. Time : Having a vending machine saves time waiting for kettles to boil, washing up dishes, looking for mugs and keeping an eye on coffee and milk levels.  They also eliminate people wondering off to the nearest coffee shop which all in all equals greater productivity and happy employers.

Also for those businesses trying to increase their green credentials there are recycling schemes available for vending machine cups available. Obviously for those of us still holed up in our Harry Potteresque under the stairs home office the need for a vending machine isn’t a major problem! Although I have no need for an actual vending machine, I certainly could do with some posh coffee in my life!

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    Work atmosphere plays a vital role on every individual since the maximum time in a day is spent at office. Thanks for promoting a healthy workforce