A Guide to Buying a Secondhand Car

Back in 2017 when I wrote my #40before40 list I added 7. Buy a brand new car, well it’s now December 2019 and I’ve half done this one. I have in this time brought a new car to me however it is secondhand.  I have 4 criteria when buying – low mileage, small hatchback (because even though I’ve been driving since 2001 I’ve never driven anything but a hatchback!) with 3 full seat belts in the back, having 3 children means lap belts are no good with car seats and lots of older cars don’t have a 3 point middle seat belt. Finally, of course, a budget it’s important to be clear how much you have to spend.

If you are nervous about buying or selling a secondhand car then using a car dealer is the easiest place to start, buying privately often requires a great deal of know-how and car knowledge. So if for example, you wanted to get your hands on used Qashqai Acenta in Brighton, KAP Motors will ensure you get pre-inspected reliable cars at the best local prices.

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A Guide to Buying a Secondhand Car :

When buying a secondhand car it is important to do your research;

  • How long the car has been on the market?
  • What are you buying alongside the car? Up to date service? MOT? 3-month warranty?
  • Is the car dealer, an established firm with a good reputation, reliable and trustworthy?  Do they have any reviews online?
  • Is the dealer part of any trade associations? For example, the Retail Motor Industry Federation or indication they follow The Motor Ombudsman’s code of practice – this gives you protection through a trade association if something goes wrong.
  • Check the car’s details with the DVLA using the registration number (on the number plate), this helps ensure the MOT test number, mileage, make and model match, if not this could indicate the car is stolen or the details are fake.
  • Does the vehicle have any dents, scratches or other points to negotiate on?
  • Have you taken it for a test drive?
  • If you have children it’s worth trying to put your car seats in the back and pushchair in the boot. You don’t want to get home and find your car unfit for purpose.
  • Does it fit your criteria?

Working with a car dealer gives you peace of mind. Have you recently bought a secondhand car? What buying tips do you have?

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