Money Transfer Apps What Are They And Why Do You Need One

Smartphones have revolutionised life.  Every day we carry around teeny tiny computers capable of doing things that as a teen I could only dream about and I now need my teen to explain to me!  Your phone has even become one of the quickest, safest and smartest ways to send money around the world. Millions of people rely on money transfer apps every day, from splitting a bill with a friend to simply sending money to their loved ones, wherever in the world they are. It blows my mind – come on hands up who remembers those money cards filled… View Post

5 Things I Have Learnt Since Getting Engaged About Weddings

Hey you guys! Regular followers will know that something exciting happened to me back in July. My long-suffering partner David of 20 years asked me to marry him!! Of course, I said “Hell Yes!”  We had taken our first holiday without the children and decided to visit our family and friends in Corfu whilst sunning ourselves all inclusive. It literally was the perfect day, our actual 20 year anniversary, we took a bus trip to Benitses our favourite place.  Drinking ice-cold beers on the beach, snorkelling and finding sea glass treasures, a gorgeous lunch followed by an early evening siesta.… View Post

Increasing Your Employees’ Motivation Remotely

Working remotely can become lonely and less motivating than in the office for individuals who thrive from social interaction. Here is how you can increase your employee’s motivation remotely. Why? A work environment can help to breed a positive workplace and a motivational atmosphere. For some individuals, working from home can be demotivating and therefore lead to less productivity. It is important to look after these employees and work to motivate them.  Communicate With Them Regularly: Reminding your employees that they are still a part of a team will go far to keep them engaged in any project that they… View Post