7 Quick Tips For Successfully Networking Online

Whether you are networking to progress in your job or obtain a new one, you could easily assume that networking online would make the whole process a lot easier. However, one big problem is that many other people have probably assumed the same thing – meaning that you could find yourself faced with fierce competition in your online networking drive. Here is how you can escape some of the pitfalls of online networking… 7 Quick Tips For Successfully Networking Online: Think Carefully About Your Reason For Networking:  Many principles of in-person networking also apply strongly to online networking – and… View Post

10 Strategies To Increase Your Twitter Engagement

Twitter engagement refers to all of the ways in which consumers connect with your brand and your tweets on Twitter, whether that be a RT, comment or like.  10 Strategies To Increase Your Twitter Engagement: Be True To Yourself: People who engage with you on Twitter are interested in your genuine voice. That is why writing pieces that emphasise your company’s voice, be authentic and how you are making a difference in your genre. Encourage People To Interact: Consider the content that would make Twitter engagement easier when you are preparing tweets. Encourage interaction with intriguing tweets, great visual content… View Post

Life Is Better When You Dance #BacktoBloch

Regular readers will know I’m a huge fan of vision boards and Megan is a huge fan of art, making creating a Vision Board one of her favourite activities.  In 2019 she carefully selected images featuring ballet, food and travel, at the time she was obsessed with Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield and was insistent one day she would travel to Russia to join Bolshoi Ballet and be world famous. This month instead of starting traditional Upper School Megan started Stage and Screen Academy – where she dances nearly every day and is loving every moment working towards her dreams.… View Post