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I’ve been to many events as a blogger now with varying degrees of success. Brands ask bloggers to work with them in a variety of forms from picking up products to review or watching a show (we reviewed Peppa Pig Live) to going on a day trip organised by a brand (like this trip to London Zoo to see and play with a new toy). After a few mishaps I have started to make sure I follow a list before I go!

blogging events

Always be prepared! 

  1. Know exactly what is required of you as a blogger at the event – if necessary print off the email and pop it in your bag. Especially if you are going somewhere to collect a review product this message doesn’t always get relayed to the department on the shop floor.
  2. If you can pick up tickets beforehand – I arrived with 3 small excited people to a show once and my name wasn’t on the list and there were no tickets for us. Luckily it was quickly sorted but I had I been in a day or two before I could have sorted it without crying children and unnecessary stress!
  3. Take contact details – I used to aimlessly pop my iPad in my bag thinking I can pull up the required email and this never happens – either the WiFi is rubbish or I can’t find the actual email I need! So ensure you have the contact details printed or written out that way if there is an issue you can ask them to call or email them to clarify.
  4. Bloggers talk – check with other bloggers if they will be going to the same place? What they have been offered. Where they need to meet etc etc …..
  5. Take business cards with you – it always surprises me how many bloggers don’t have business cards. When you are at events its much easier to pass your cards to other bloggers/brands and PR’s than it is to remember later to tweet/email them.

Do you go on many blogger day outs/events/review screenings etc? Do you have a check list?

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