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Infographics are such a great way to record large pieces of information – like a survey – in a fun interactive manner.  Hiscox have produced one – Hiscox | Generation Recession – based upon their yearly DNA of an entrepreneur report which shows since the recession a rise in female entrepreneurs.  This is no surprise to me.

The infographic states that 42% are under 40 years old, 52% were more likely to have launched online and 48% use social media to find new customers.  Social media and online networking were a catalyst in developing my business Charlie Moo’s and co-founding Networking Mummies.  With a small start up budget women (sorry men!) I feel are much more resourceful when it comes to networking and developing a customer base.

Even traditionally offline businesses such as Farmer Palmers Children’s Play Farm understand the need to be online aswell.  “Farmer Palmers is online and loves Facebook because it gives us real time interaction, behind the scenes with our customers!” Sandra Palmer-Snellin. I think this is a really important point. Through social media customers are able to develop a relationship with your small business and feel like they are first in line for hot news, discounts, special events and even making decisions in relation to products. Clara and Macy does this a lot on Facebook and Instagram asking which wording/colours/designs her customers/followers prefer.

Running a business online also allows you to be 24/7.  My youngest Olive is only 3 so not yet at full time school meaning my working time can be random hours. But online sales don’t stop at 3pm when the children get home from school and actually for the most social media marketing comes mostly into play after 8pm when everyone is sat down chilling from a busy day and small people are in bed.

What do you think of Hiscox | Generation Recession infographic – can you relate?


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  1. October 1, 2014 / 9:19 pm

    Well, the above is certainly true in our house. I’m under 40, launched on line and definitely use social media to find new customers.
    Like Farmer Palmer’s said, it’s great to have that ‘behind the scenes’ interaction with customers and potential customers. It feels much more like dealing with real people rather than just a website, a lot more personal.
    I love doing what I do, and the fact that people want to buy my art work is just so exciting, and I’m not sure I would have even started Sarah Lovell Art up if it wasn’t for the recession!

  2. Samantha Blissett
    October 2, 2014 / 9:20 am

    This is really interesting and great to hear. I’ve certainly noticed many more females being involved with setting up their own businesses, particularly on-line! Long may this trend continue :). I wonder if the UK is different to other countries?

    • October 2, 2014 / 9:22 am

      Great point Samantha. I think in America “blogging” as actual bone fide business is much more prevalent than here in the UK. But it would be really interesting to see what stats for the same questions came from other countries.