4 Top Tips on How to Make Your Book Press Pack Stand Out

I seem to be living, dreaming, and breathing reviews right now! Everything I have read suggests that reviews are really important for getting your book out there.  (*cough* a book, did you write a book, Joanne? I sure did! Don’t forget to check out Networking A Successful Small Business) I feel like I’m constantly asking, reminding, pleading with people to leave a review. It’s becoming a full-time job!

It’s clear that what we read can be triggered through recommendations, testimonials and the number of reviews on Amazon. write a bestseller

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In order to start getting those reviews, you need to send a book press pack out containing copies of your paperback book (or PDF/Kindle version if they are happy to read your book electronically) to bloggers, magazines, and journalists appropriate to your book’s content/genre.  By getting your book into publications and on relevant websites you increase your audience and reach.  But make sure this is a targeted approach, think quality, not quantity, get into the RIGHT publications.  I’ve been spending my time reaching out and connecting with other networking groups the perfect audience for a book on small business networking. 

4 Top Tips on How to Make Your Book Press Pack Stand Out:

Make an impression: Imagine that the person you are sending your book press pack to gets a lot of books, how are you going to ensure your book stands out from everyone else?  You can’t go wrong with a personalised message to the reader, I also like to add the date (i.e June 2020) as well as of course my signature for when I’m world famous 😉

Choose a cardboard envelope that is a snug fit for media items to send your book in. I opted for one that features a special rigidly-protective design and is 100% recyclable.  I also like to use stickers and washi tape to personalise, what is essentially, a brown package. Ensure you use the right parcel sizes and pay the correct postage amount to stop any unwanted surprises on the delivery end, the is especially important when sending a package abroad.

Press Release:  I like to add a printed copy of my press release with each book. This gives the reader/reviewer/journalist all the background and basic book information they need. Whilst it’s not 100% necessary to have a creative, dare I say visually pleasing press release to accompany your book, I think it makes a big difference.  Using my brand colours and full-colour images from networking gives the press release personality as well as enhancing the vibe of fun, friendship, and business development I’m trying to portray.

press pack networking a successful small business

Bookmarks: Everyone needs one at some point. Bookmarks are probably the most common form of book promotion. Small and easy for you to keep on hand, they are readily accepted by just about anyone anywhere and due to their nature (ie. they keep your place in a book ANY book) they are rarely thrown away.  I worked with Print In The Bag a local printer to create a simple on-brand bookmark. I opted for a testimonial on the front and a picture of myself on the back.  Working with a local printer means you get that one-to-one contact. Tim was able to talk me through the various weights of paper and laminates I could use and helped me to design the bookmarks too. Personally, I wouldn’t leave one side blank, I’d utilise both to maximise the information you include, but remember not to overload the reader with too many options. I opted for just my website, clearly directing the reader there.

If bookmarks aren’t your thing, you could also add postcards, but whatever you choose, ensure you provide your contact details and website address.


Stay on brand: The lightbulb paperclips were a super find in The Range and at 99p for a strip means they are an inexpensive way to clip content together whilst staying on brand. I also used the networking stickers from my productivity stickers collection both inside the book and on the parcel itself.

How often do you leave reviews when you have finished reading a book? I never really used to but now I appreciate how much it helps an author, I am on it! I’d also love to hear about how you make your press packs stand out, whether you are sending books or any other products.

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