5 common workplace worries and what to do about them

Work is the biggest cause of stress in the UK, with 34% of people saying that work created more stress for them than other common stress causes such as financial and health issues. It is paramount that employees learn to deal with workplace worries in a healthy way that ensures happiness and productivity. Workplace worries tend to result especially often from… 5 common workplace worries and what to do about them

An excessive workload :

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with your workload, try prioritising and setting yourself small, achievable goals and ticking them off to promote a positive mental attitude. Give yourself time out to breathe. Try using some mindfulness techniques like meditation. 

Sometimes, taking a moment away from your desk to clear your mind leads you to return with fresh eyes and new inspiration. 

Unrealistic deadlines :

Try speaking to your manager to get help meeting the deadline or discuss the possibility of extending it. You can’t always work late, and you could suffer from burnout if you aren’t reaching a healthy work-life balance. 

Your managers are there to ensure that the work is done to a suitable standard – and, if they are putting undue pressure on staff by setting unachievable deadlines, this will stunt productivity, which isn’t good for anyone.

Conflict with co-workers :

It is always difficult to deal with conflict at work, but keep calm and always remain professional. Ideally, try to develop good relationships with all of your colleagues to create a support network.

If you are having an issue with a specific co-worker and it is happening too often, try to speak to them privately about the matter and be sensitive; sometimes, people are needlessly unfriendly because they have other issues of which you may be unaware. 

Direct communication and reaching an agreement is preferable to raising the issue with management. However, if you are experiencing workplace bullying, do not suffer in silence. Report any serious issues to Human Resources or Management. small business

Making a major mistake :

It is human to make mistakes sometimes, especially if you are rushing to complete a task or meet a deadline. Always double-check your work if you are unsure or particularly concerned about mistakes occurring. If you can, ask another member of staff to check your work before you submit it. 

If a mistake does happen, do not panic, do not lie about it and do not blame somebody else. Take responsibility for your mistake and work to find a solution. Focusing on a mistake after it cannot be retracted is a waste of time and energy that would be better spent rectifying the problem. Speak to co-workers to see if they have experienced something similar and how they rectified it. 

Poor wellbeing or mental health :

It is important to live a healthy lifestyle to promote positive mental health and self-care. As any doctor would advise, a balanced diet and exercise are vital. 

Ensure you are taking enough time outside of work to relax. Even taking small breaks during the day can help refresh your mind; if you work in front of a screen, experts advise that you need a 10-minute break every hour to avoid any recurring muscle pains or eye strain. 

Please note, if you are feeling stressed or are suffering from mental health issues, your manager could – if they haven’t done so already – implement an Employee Assistant Programme to help you tackle the issue. Click here to see one example of an effective EAP they could put in place. 

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