Combating Climate Change: What You Can Do at Work

bgEveryone is aware of climate change and the constant worry about the rising cost of energy and its impact on the environment. The issue of climate change continues to be in the public eye constantly, with energy costs being reported regularly, too. Businesses are the cause of much of the energy use we see in the news, with their demand for energy skyrocketing as industries grow and develop.

Energy bills are rising and, in a day and age where the average family feels the pinch on a regular basis, it’s a serious cause for concern that needs to be tackled now. Changing energy suppliers can be a great way to cut your costs at home and at work, while being a little more conscientious about energy use will help to keep energy consumption low. As far as climate change is concerned, one person’s actions may not have an impact but if we all did our bit for the environment, positive changes would be afoot.

Many people are already showing consideration during their home life – recycling, walking places and turning electrical equipment off when not being used all helps our planet in various ways. Our part in the battle doesn’t end there though – it’s just as easy to change your habits at work too. Whether it’s your company, or you’re an employee who cares, implementing changes in the workplace can be hugely beneficial – not just to the environment we live in, but to the balance sheets too.

At work, limiting energy consumption is possible in various ways that won’t cause much of a stir. Work alongside your boss (or, if you are the boss, encourage your employees to jump on board with your new venture) to try and reduce energy consumption on a daily basis. While the rising cost of energy may be largely due to wholesale distribution and policy costs, consumption is a factor that you do have a little control over.

Implement some new initiatives in the workplace so that your employees will be more tempted to be active in the project. Assign ‘energy saving’ responsibilities to one of your employees, who will be your eyes and ears on the office floor. Work alongside them to incorporate incentives into daily working life, for example, a staff day out or a monthly treat for anyone who has played an active role and reduced their consumption substantially.

Being green in the workplace is easier than you might first think and combating the rise in costs comes as standard when you reduce your energy usage. Simple things that often go unnoticed, such as turning off electrical equipment when not in use and limiting the use of lighting when natural light would suffice, will all play a positive role in reducing energy consumption and thus, having a direct impact on climate change.

Join the hundreds of business that are already playing their part in the national, and global, fight against climate change. Do your bit and the balance sheet will also look healthier in no time.

Written on behalf of British Gas, who plays an active role in the development of new, renewable energy sources. If you wish to find out more about British Gas business electricity suppliers, head online where you can also find help switching to British Gas business.


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