Concrete Leveling Services – What You Must Know?

There are many concrete lifting methods available in the market, but a concrete lifting method that provides maximum tensile strength, minimum slippage and ensures minimal damage to the surrounding surface is the concrete reinforcement method. It is also known as Concrete Slab Lifting and should be undertaken by a Concrete Leveling Company.

The structural integrity of your home rests – literally – on the stability of its foundation. That makes foundation trouble serious business. Unfortunately, foundation repair isn’t cheap. Fortunately, foundation problems still in their early stages are less expensive to repair. That means you can save money if you’re proactive by scheduling routine foundation inspections that will help you spot foundation issues early before they turn into big problems that will cost you a lot of money to fix.

Why Does Concrete Get Damaged?

A concrete slab shift is mainly because of the pressure of external forces on the concrete surface and the settling of the underlying soil beneath the slabs. The most prominent benefit of Concrete Leveling or PolyLEVEL concrete lifting techniques over other concrete lifting techniques is light in weight.

Concrete Leveling Services - What You Must Know?

Slab Jacking

If you are looking for ways to repair some damaged concrete slabs, you may need to consider the Concrete Slab Jacks. These innovative Concrete lifting methods help you to lift heavy concrete slabs without exerting too much effort. The jacks are designed to maintain the position of the slab without disturbing the slabs. You can use these Jacks to repair concrete slabs situated in areas where concrete pumping is impossible. There are several advantages of using these Concrete Jacks: they help maintain a flat surface, protect the slabs from any kind of damage, and provide maximum tensile strength to the concrete slabs. One of the key benefits of using polyurethane slab jacking is that it’s pre-formulated with the exact characteristics needed for specific jobs as well as saving installation time by using more efficient resources. Instead of hauling tons of material with heavy equipment, the polyurethane process is less labour-intensive to transport and work with and can be less invasive for our customers.

Sagging floors can be a sign something is wrong with your basement, crawl space, or slab foundation. This usually means your foundation is sinking into the soil below, causing your floor joists or concrete slab to sag. For settling problems, experts will install push or helical piers to lift those sections of your home. A professional will pump an expanding polyurethane foam underneath your slab if you have a void below your concrete.

Laser Vs. Poly Concrete Leveling 

There are numerous concrete slabs located underground, and if you want to move them for some reason, you will have to use unique Concrete Lifting Methods such as poly level or laser levelling. 

The main difference between both methods is that the laser level uses a laser beam that travels through the holes and measures the height of the concrete slab by sending out radio waves. On the other hand, poly level uses a computer-based device to determine the height of the slab. The only difference between these two concrete lifting methods is their application. The laser level uses a laser beam, whereas poly level uses a computer-based device.

Poly Level Concrete Lifting

Most people don’t know about poly-level concrete lifting methods because it is usually adopted to repair concrete slabs and not remove the foundations. However, the method is beneficial and can be used to repair cracks, breaches, foundation damage, and sunken concrete slabs.

All you need to do for poly-level repair is expose a large hole and make some polyurethane foam injections into the hole. After that, you have to drive a heavy cylinder into the foam and remove it after insertion. This whole process will take some time, but it is a permanent solution, and once done, you do not have to do polyurethane foam injection again.

Sinking concrete is often caused by excessive weight, expansion, and contraction due to changes in the weather, and erosion of supporting soil due to the movement of water below the surface. Polyurethane foam injection is a cost-effective and long-lasting solution for concrete leveling.

Only an Expert Can Help You

Sometimes homeowners apply new concrete over old sunken and cracked concrete with the intention to level up the whole thing. You can’t properly level up your driveway or other floors through this method. Even if you do, all the cracks and problems will re-emerge within a week. There is a need to hire concrete lifting contractors who examine your concrete issue and then suggest a lifting method that works well for your home.

A decorative concrete coating is an additional layer of protection that’s added to existing concrete floors. These liquid/semi-liquid coatings strengthen the existing structure and reduce the need for repairs, and maintenance, adding to the aesthetics of your home or space. Whether your concrete is indoors or outdoors, decorative coatings are extremely beneficial.

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