Could you benefit from a 4-Day working week?

Do you think you could benefit from a 4-day working week? For me my working weeks are around 3/4 days but not in the traditional sense, sometimes I work from 8pm onwards and sometimes from 7am-9am.  Being a full time mum and a small business owner I try and fit “work” in when I can. The following infographic by Citrix GoToMeeting depicts how employees could benefit from a 4-day working week.

Working a 4-day week has many health benefits from reducing stress levels to increasing sleep. Personally I believe that as more and more business take up remote working techniques and we use the internet more and more that traditional working hours will become obsolete and more and more of us will look into more flexible options.

A 4-day working week could allow workers to make the most out of family and leisure time and be more productive as a result. (Haha! Although I’m not sure I agree with this! Says the crazy lady trying to run a business whilst being a full time summer holiday parent!) Find out more about the meeting habits of productive employees here.

4-Day Work Week1



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