Top Tips For Decorating Your Home This Winter

As the temperature drops and the year comes to a close, more time is spent indoors cosied up by the fire and keeping warm inside. During this time of the year, it is nice to bring warmth into the house using different decorations. Not only does this freshen up the house for winter but it also makes it feel warmer and inviting for the colder months. Change up your interior by adding different fabrics, painting the walls in soft colours and adding comfy furnishings to last you until spring. Here are some top tips for decorating your home this winter.

Top Tips For Decorating Your Home This Winter

Top Tips For Decorating Your Home This Winter:

Start by adding some cosy winter decorations. Anything that is soft to the touch such as pillows, throws and rugs will add an instant cosy effect to the room. The key is to add to what you already have such as a few extra cushions on the sofa to cosy up on or a fluffy, colourful rug by the dining room table for added warmth and comfort.

Change up the lighting in the house to adapt it to the winter months. Winter is a time when daylight hours are reduced so it is important to make the house feel bright and inviting throughout the dark months. This can be done in many ways. Start by adding floor lamps to dark areas of the house such as corners or alcoves to illuminate the small space. Consider adding new overhead lighting or wall fixtures for a more permanent solution.

During the colder months, we usually tend to draw towards heat sources such as fireplaces. Use this to your advantage by decorating the mantlepiece and making it an attractive area in your house. By giving it some extra attention and adding a few extra details, you could make this space a real eye-catching area. Place a large mirror above the mantle to instantly add an elevated feel to it. Candles and small fairy lights can be added and draped for an effortless and soft effect.

Don’t forget to add nature back into the house. With trees and plants losing their colour and leaves throughout the colder months, it can get a bit dull when you look outside. However, it doesn’t mean that your house has to look the same. Incorporate different plants into your winter decorations to make the room look more cheerful and full of life. Alternate between fake and real plants to increase longevity and to add character and texture.

Decorating your house in the Winter can take you a long way. Where will you start?

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