How To Increase Staff Productivity Employee Health And Wellbeing

Care workers are single handly making huge differences to people every day. When most of us were binge-watching Netflix and staying home to save lives, care workers continued to look after the most vulnerable and elderly which has led to a staffing crisis within the industry.  Employee health and wellbeing should always be paramount, by optimising your workforce, keeping existing staff happy and content you are able to retain staff rather than continuously recruiting. Retaining care staff is a far more effective method of increasing overall productivity.How To Increase Staff Productivity Employee Health And Wellbeing

How To Increase Staff Productivity Employee Health And Wellbeing In Your Care Home With 4 Easy Steps:

  • Provide Regular Training: Making regular investments in your care staff’s training helps improve the level and quality of care provided to the residents. Through regular training, you can streamline work tasks reducing the wasted time trying to figure things out, establish a clear directive for certain repetitive tasks to ensure they are completed without any errors and there is a set standard operating procedure so everyone is working from the same page.  Also, consider investing in employee personal development, it offers a range of benefits for your care home including productivity. Not only does personal and professional development help to retain staff turnover, but it also helps to keep employees motivated which in turn improves productivity. In what ways can you invest in your employees’ personal development? Providing opportunities to learn new skills, take on new responsibilities, work towards a promotion or move into an entirely new role are ways to invest in personal development and employee health and wellbeing. You should also have a welcome program at your business where you train employees right from the start. Depending on your line of work, here you can see an example of an effective onboarding for restaurants guide. Once you are able to hire top talent you want to ensure they stay working for you.
  • Health, Safety and Hygiene: Keeping your setting clean whilst adhering to high standards for staff, residents and visitors helps employee health and wellbeing and increases productivity, nobody can work to their maximum from a messing, disorganised and unclean environment. Keep surfaces tidy, clear of clutter and disinfected, by opening windows and allowing airflow – tidy space = tidy mind. Duct Cleaning offers a professional commercial deep cleaning service that promises to meet your care home requirements providing a cleaner, safer and more hygienic environment for your business which in turn increases workplace wellbeing and productivity.
  • Create A Positive Work Environment: Care staff who are recognised and rewarded for their hard work, feel positive and valued, which in turn increases productivity motivating them to do better. Create a culture of praise, how often do you tell your staff they did well or you are proud of them?  Make a practice of praising employees for the small steps as well as the big achievements.  Just think how you feel when someone praises you (or says thank you for something you did). It’s empowering, praise and recognition have a direct impact on employee health and wellbeing as well as levels of engagement and productivity. You could use an employee benefits platform, such as Blackhawk Network Extras providing a cost-effective, simple, hassle free way to offer employees a range of flexible, personalised workplace benefits that support their mental, physical, and financial wellbeing.
  • Don’t Overwork Employees or Understaff Shifts: Overworked and understaffed is a recipe for stressed out employees.  Providing regular breaks, adequate days off in between long shifts and ensuring enough staff members are on duty, are not complicated tasks but they have big benefits to your employees.

Maintaining employee health and wellbeing is the easiest way to increase staff productivity without even trying.  Happy staff = productive staff.

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