4 things to consider when booking an event venue

I’ve looked before at the key ideas when planning a conference and how research is key.  There is a huge list of things to consider especially when it comes to pricing and what delegates will expect included.  We’ve also toyed with the idea of corporate days out for those of us working from home. I still love the idea of a water park of kayaking.  Many of us have great ideas for events that can easily run alongside our business and what we do daily, but venues play a massive role in the success or failure of an event.

4 things to consider when booking an event venue : 

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Budget : 

Knowing your own budget is really important. You don’t want your ideal venue to make the ticket price too high cancelling out your target audience.  Start by making a list of what you need from a venue.  These questions can help you get some clarity :

  • How many people you’d like to attend? Is this a small event or a large conference gathering?
  • Followed by a rough idea of the ticket price. How much do you anticipate the tickets being? What do similar events sell for? How much profit would you ideally like to make (I know it’s not very English but you need to be paid for all your hard work!)?
  • You will need to consider a break even point, roughly how many tickets you need to sell in order to cover the costs of the event.  Think logically too if you plan for 50 tickets and only sell 25 but your break even point is 30 this isn’t going to be viable.
  • This will give you a basic idea of how much budget you will have for a venue. When visiting venues make sure you know what is included in the price and what are extras, VAT etc … you don’t want to sign a contract and then find added extras. (see more in below in Service paragraph)

Location :

Think about your ideal attendee/delegate.

Where are they located and how will they get to the venue? Does the conference event venue have good travel networks? Trains, buses, airports, adequate parking. Nobody wants to drive for 3 hours and then not be able to park near the venue or find that the venue has a parking charge and they have no small change. These are the things as a delegate I would be considering before booking a event ticket myself, so ensure you take the time to think like your “delegate” and check with your network. Does the venue your suggesting work? Could they see any issues? Sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees when you work on a project so always ask your network – hey that’s why you develop one (and to keep sane when working from home too of course!). You might even consider needing overnight stay options and if so can this be included as an add on to ticket prices at a reduced rate, meaning the delegate didn’t need to source their own accommodation.

Size :

The maximum capacity size will pay a huge factor in the feel of the event if you intend to sell 50 tickets and the venue holds 350 the space will be far too big.  A big space can give off a sense of under-attending, on the other hand too small and the place will feel overwhelming and crowded neither an atmosphere you want to promote.

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Services :

As mentioned in budget be clear what is included in the venue costs. Don’t take for granted things like refreshments and WIFI are included. Most people will expect free WIFI and refreshments as a given I held an event once where the WIFI was £5 per person! Not ideal and I didn’t realise until it was too late. If you are holding workshops/seminars and need AV equipment is this included?  Consider also now how many people will be live tweeting or sharing content on Facebook, Instagram through the day which is a drain on batteries. Ensure there are power points or recharging stations available.

Does the venue hold enough table and chairs or do these need to be hired in? Refreshments and food what is available? Where is it coming from, can they cater to various dietary requirements and how does all of this effect the venue price.

Conclusion :

There is a lot to be considered when organising events and the venue is key, however this doesn’t even take into account the actual schedule of the day.  Speakers and workshops, you may need to even create this content yourself.

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  1. October 26, 2016 / 10:31 am

    I thank you for mentioning the importance of the schedule – during my first ever meeting I organised this slipped my mind until the night before. It’s stressful but preparation is important!