Getting dressed up this Christmas

So Christmas Parties are off this year BUT did you see my gorgeous new vintage drinks trolley. Oh, be still my beating heart which made me think how much I’d like to dress up this Christmas.  I’m thinking proper 1980’s chic, cinched waist and shoulder pads, rara skirt a full on cocktail dress.  drinks trolley

I love dressing up but it doesn’t come naturally. The ability to feel sexy is built on self-confidence and being happy in your own skin, which after 3 children and a lot of lockdown eating I lack. But showing off your assets, looking and feeling amazing is not limited to the models in the glossies anyone can do it so here are a few tips to get you started. 

Less is more: 

You will create a far better look and feel more confident if you combine a low neckline with a more modest hemline or a short, sexy dress with a higher neckline. This is because balance makes the overall appearance of the outfit more appealing. The same rule applies to tight or form-fitting clothing: the looser the garment, the more skin you can reveal; the tighter the outfit, the more skin should ideally be covered. It’s the rule of skin or silhouette, but both are far too much.

Crowning glory, don’t overlook your hair:

What can possibly be sexier than tousled I-woke-up-like-this hair? Obviously this takes some effort as I wake up my hair has a mind of it’s own and is usually about 10 feet tall! Take a shortcut by spritzing your hair with styling product while damp, and letting it dry naturally. The only effort you will need to put in, is to scrunch the hair and let it be. You could also think about braiding your hair and sleeping on it, for flowing, waves, this is one of my favourite looks. Just two plaits though anymore and you look like Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (that really is the worst hairdo!)

Not into the mermaid look or have time to spare, heat up your straighteners for a sleek and straight look. 

It must fit!:dressing up for Christmas

If it’s not flattering your figure, you won’t feel comfortable or sexy – period. It’s a misconception to think that wearing baggy clothing will hide your flaws, if anything, they actually highlight and accentuate them, making you feel even worst.  On the flip side, don’t try to squeeze yourself into clothing that is far too tight either. The point of sexy dressing is to accentuate what you have in your favour, so make sure that your outfits are right for your individual body type.

It’s easier than it seems. If you like the look of your arms, it makes sense to wear more sleeveless tops. If you have great legs, a short hem dress will show them off to perfection.  If you wear clothes that make you happy and confident you will feel sexier.

You can manipulate the appearance of your body weight by dressing correctly. A bulky, chunky sweater switched out for a more form-fitting turtleneck will slim you down instantly. Similarly, pencil skirts instead of loose dresses, and v-necks instead of the body-widening round neck will go a long way in making you appear slimmer. But most importantly if you feel good you will look good, a smile goes a long way.

Are you going to get dressed up this Christmas?

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