You May Need an Office Re-vamp if You’re to Attract the Millennials

More than a fifth (21%) of workers in the 18-24 age group say that they’ve rejected a potential employer in the past because the office building is poorly-designed or doesn’t have enough amenities for staff.

Millennials are also more (34%) willing to accept a job with a longer commute – up to an hour each way – if it means they get to their idea of a perfect office. Just 22% of the 45-54 age group would think about travelling two hours each day to that dream office space in Surbiton.

This research was commissioned by international co-working community Mindspace and it also found that 16% of the 18-24 age group has walked out of a job because they were fed up with how the office was laid out or designed. At present, 31% of all workers are dissatisfied or bored with their work environment, with more than a quarter (28%) describing their workplace as dull or outdated.

Tea and coffee is all very well, but… :

This research also discovered that most UK workers might have a kitchen (72%), meeting rooms (66%) and perks like free tea and coffee (53%), but that what they really want is natural light, improved artificial lighting and air shops

The need for perks doesn’t stop at a bit of sunlight, though. More than a quarter (26%) of the 25-34 age group said that they look closely at a company’s benefit package before accepting a job. They’re looking in particular for discounted massages and even dog walking services, it seems.

The daily grind :

The UK workers in the research said that in the main (82%) they travel to the same office five days a week and 80% of them work at the same desk every day. Unfortunately, many of them are bored and not inspired by their office space, which has a negative effect on their mental health and productivity. Almost a quarter (24%) say they’re tired at work and 20% say they’re stressed.

team work

Lots of companies in the UK have adopted open-plan office spaces in the last few years but there’s still a lot of workers (46%) say there’s no collaboration, or limited collaboration, between the different departments and teams in their organisation. Just under a fifth (19%) claim that their office doesn’t encourage them to work together with people outside of their immediate teams.

Break out! :

What’s greatly needed, according to the research, is more break-out spaces, with 25% of UK workers saying they’re desperate for them. They’re also looking for more adaptable work spaces such as BizSpace,in which they can work privately and quietly (23% said they need them) and 19% want more areas where they can brainstorm.

It’s what’s inside (the office) that counts :

Millennials are important to the workforce – they’ll comprise half or more of it within the next decade – so it’s vital to note that lots of them are refusing jobs because they don’t like the workplace and its atmosphere. If UK companies want to attract the brightest and best, they’d better start thinking about how they can up their office game, and soon.

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