The Impact of Personality upon Trading Results

Personality has a big impact on forex traders and their chances of being successful. Some people are simply not cut out for the sometimes ruthless and risky world of trading, whether it’s stocks and shares, currency, precious metals or anything small business

If you’re considering starting out trading then it is important to know how personality can impact upon trading results. Based on individual personalities many traders have their own unique styles, all of which can be successful in their own right. Decide which personality traits apply most to you and consider the best style and how to get excellent results.


Reactive people who can make quick decisions and are willing to act on them without giving it a second thought are doers. They are those unafraid to take risks, which can be necessary when trading forex with fxPro but can also lead to disaster. Acting quickly in reaction to events will sometimes lead to good profits, but if mistakes are made a lot of doers will attempt to rectify them, sometimes leading to further troubles.


Taking a more measured approach, thinkers will plan out all their trades a lot more thoroughly. This can involve missing out on short windows of opportunity that require risk taking but by spending longer considering a trade they will make fewer mistakes. On the whole, this should be a more successful approach, yet playing the trading markets too safe can lead to lower rewards.

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Discipline is key to become a successful trader, and is a trait more common with thinkers. Knowing when to take a loss is one of the most important aspects and only the most disciplined will be able to pull out of a trade at the right time. Likewise it will help traders stick to a plan and not get carried away, which could result in making large losses if something goes wrong.

Open Minded

That said, the best traders can also adapt to different situations, be flexible and open minded. You will make mistake by stepping outside of your comfort zone but this can be the best way to learn. Being open minded enough to learn from these mistakes is essential to grow as a trader, rather than being stubborn and always going for the same strategy despite it not always working. Decide which of these personality traits most in common with you are and how it can be used to set up an efficient trading plan.

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