Jas Hair Salon revisited …

Being a blogger I’m no different to anyone else I love a freebie! But I do think it’s a bigger complement and testament to the business if you actually re-use the product or service.

So remember back in august when I blogged about my free haircut I had in Jas Hair Salon – Christchurch??  Well since then I have taken my daughter Megan along for a haircut.  Luke ( who is the manager) gave her a beautiful haircut. Which isn’t easy as a) she’s 3 that says it all. b) she has a wild crazy mane of curly/straight/frizz fuelled hair.  Normally after a cut I find loads of varying length hair hanging down her back.  Not great.

Luke was patient, calm and interactive with Megan which was great not only for her but also me!! I do find in these situations its me that gets stressy and not Megan.  She now thinks Luke is her personal hair stylist and asks me to ‘do it like Luke did‘ every morning.  A dry cut (although he gave her a blow dry too which was the highlight of her pamper session that and the pink fondant fancy she pinched from my coffee!) with Luke was £12 which is more than I have paid previous I’ve paid anywhere from £3 – £8 for Megan but I must admit the time and attention taken was well worth the extra £, plus we were nearly there for an hour!!!

back of the hair

I was so pleased with the service and haircut I would definitely take Megan back. In fact I’m off for a new do on Wednesday in preparation for Daddy Moo’s birthday celebrations.

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