#Fund101 – you’ll be glad to hear ….

That on Sunday 4th March 2012 at 10pm I secured the 300 votes I need to get £300 worth of funding!!
We shall never speak of it again!!
Would appear that Twitter was my friend on this occasion. My continuous tweeting soon attracted me sufficient amounts of votes and thank goodness it was becoming a mini obsession!

So I now have some funding towards turning my Blogging For Business E-book into an actual glossy and tactile physical copy! Whoop!
But £300 isn’t quite enough money so I do have opportunities to advertise within the book, the advertising is minimal and it is there just in order to cover the cost of 1,000 copies in the first print run and to pay for design (I’m rubbish at this!) Subsequent print runs will be paid for via the sale of the booklet – BUT your advert will still appear in each copy. Adverts start from as little as £20! What are you doing still reading this! Email me info@charliemoos.co.uk & I will put Rachel, who is helping with advertising, in touch with you.

Found this useful wondering how you can show me your appreciation? Well, there are some ways you can say thanks and support my website: ➡

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