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It has been a long held belief that shopping locally can prove to be way more expensive than using one of the bigger one-stop shops or supermarkets that have seemingly sprung up everywhere across the globe in the last half century.

However, as we move into a more enlightened age in regard to diet and health, many people are opting to buy better quality foodstuffs by shopping locally, and they are noticing something surprising – they’re saving money!

Support local business

How can this possibly be? Surely the supermarkets have it all sewn up? Local producers simply cannot compete with the bulk buying power and dominance of the major chain stores, can they? Well, it seems that they can, and there are other reasons why shopping locally is saving some people cash each and every week:


One way that local producers can keep costs low is by using less packaging than the big supermarkets. Canny retailers are now passing this saving on to the customer, so you can enjoy better quality food at a far more reasonable price.


As a local retailer will generally source their goods from local producers, the cost of transportation is nothing when compared with that of the major chain stores. This is because there are fewer vehicles involved and the distances travelled are significantly less as well. Not only does this bring the price down for the consumer, it also makes you feel better knowing that you are doing your bit to save the planet in the process. It’s a win / win if ever we saw one.


As you may have gathered by now, by buying locally you are not only supporting your local retailer but also your local producer too. By choosing to revert back to a more basic way of shopping you will begin to appreciate the seasons once more, and that can bring hefty savings with it. Think about it, what’s going to be cheaper? Something shipped halfway around the world because we cannot grow it here or a product that is in season and therefore abundant and grown just up the road? It’s a no-brainer. So much so that 72% of UK households now seek to buy British seasonal produce.


Local retailers are canny business owners, and they know the benefit of doing a deal with their customers. Many of us have lost the art of bartering, but now is the time to bring it back. Independent traders, especially those in markets, are usually accommodating to those who ask for a discount, so what have you got to lose? Point out what you think you should pay and go for it.


It is suggested that 48% of consumers choose to shop locally because of the people that work there, with 25% of shoppers knowing the store manager by name and vice versa. More often than not, this kind of familiarity translates into cheaper deals or freebies which act as a reward for the consumer’s loyalty.

The biggest obstacle facing local retailers today is that of support, so make sure that you get down to your local stores and show them that you are appreciative of their efforts to put a little more cash in your pocket. It is reported that over 80% of independent stores on our local high street have closed. The time to support local businesses is now, in order to curtail further loss and help our communities to thrive once more.

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