Langtry Manor Business Women’s Awards 2012

The semi-final filming event for the Dorset Business Mother of the Year, Employee of the Year and Employer of the Year took place at the Langtry Manor Hotel on Wednesday 21st March. There were over 50 women (and one man) who attended. They are competing to get through to the semi-finals public vote on the 16th of April with the hope of making it to the grand final on the 17th of May at the Langtry Manor.

The Dorset Langtry Manor Business Women awards are focused on women employed in different areas of business, who want to be recognised for their achievements in their own business or some one else’s. The awards started in 2009 by Tara Howard, Managing Director of the Langtry Manor Hotel and over the years has recognised and given more confidence to dozens of Dorset Business Women. Twenty hopefuls per category, mum, employee and employer were chosen to go through to the top 20 event and filmed for one minute, giving them and their business time to shine.

The Daily Echo sponsored Business Mother of the Year which was the most popular of them all with a total of 97 nominations. Joanne Dewberry of Charlie Moo’s, winner of the Business Mother in 2010, is hoping to make it through to the finals for a third time this year. When asked about her filming experience she said “Olive and I had an excellent time filming for the Business Women Awards semi-finals”.

The top 10 of each category will be chosen by the public from the 16th of April for one week. The three lucky winners with the most votes will be cordially invited as to attend the grand awards ceremony at the Langtry Manor Hotel in May.

Here’s my video and please don’t laugh .. to loud 😉

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