Networking keeping the homeworkers sane.

Hot off the heels of my Britmums Mums in Business Round-Up dedicated to Networking I get an exciting email! The networking group I co-run (with Kara from ChelseaMamma and Jackie from Lemur Landings) in Poole, Lemur Linkup is a finalist in the Western Gazette Somerset and Dorset Business Awards for Best Networking Group!

best networking group

Networking is important to me for many, many reasons but the main one is comradery.

Working from home can be a lonely place : 

Realistically measuring up all the reasons I do work from home against the things I don’t like there is no competition. Being able to see the children in school plays, assemblies, sports day, when they are sick and I even watched Charlie at a swim meet, not many jobs allow mums complete and utter flexibility. However not many jobs require one to turn the cubby hole under the stairs into a home office where it’s always dark, always cold and the only person to talk to is the neighbours cat who pokes his head through the cat flap (yes my own cat has no interest in me!).

What keeps me sane? 

My support network. Without them I’d be a jibbering mess.

My friends who are there on Facebook chat, making me feel like I’ve been gossiping with the girls and not drinking coffee by myself.

The Lemur Linkupppers who’s smiling faces I look forward to monthly. It’s good to talk AND see people’s faces! Oh how I miss people’s faces! I love seeing the journey all our businesses are on. I love hearing what everyone has been up to, learning new skills and being around like minded individuals.

My family. Not only do they support my crazy ideas or spend ages unwrapping boxes in slow motion for reviews. But I know they appreciate that I work from home to be there for them. It’s important to have a cheer squad to keep you going (even if you did grow them yourself!).

Do you have a support network? 

Going out to networking events can seem like a frightening venture, but don’t forget we’ve all been the stranger in the room at somepoint. It can also be hard to always see what value these sessions can have to your business. But don’t forget your mental wellbeing is just as important to your small business as your bank balance.  Make finding and developing a networking support group a priority for your small business. You will thank yourself in the long run.

lemur linkup

If you are local to Poole and want to find out more about Lemur Linkup or need help finding networking groups in your local area get in touch.


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  1. July 6, 2016 / 12:03 pm

    I really don’t think I could do this without a network, and I am realising more and more, that my on-line networks are vital for day to day support but I also need face to face networking for the personal and social aspect too. Thanks for the post and well done making the finals, best of luck.
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