Why noticeboards are important

When you run a business there are many things you should make sure you do … and probably have good intentions to, I mean it’s on the to do list and everything! Relaying important information to staff members and customers is one of those important things. Sometimes we rely so much on modern technology – emailing, texts etc  that we forget about traditional techniques for relaying information like noticeboards and good old fashioned signs!


Noticeboards are great for displaying company values, goals of the week and any important news. With the best will in the world you won’t always catch all the staff, especially if you work out of hours. Makes sure the staff are informed of any changes / news. Kara Guppy – ChelseaMamma.

I love internal noticeboards that have shatterproof acrylic glazing as this stops all those dog eared edges and certain people (yes you Daddy Moo) nicking blue tack or drawing pins. Even when you work from home it’s important to have information on show – insurance documents, certificates and like Kara mentions – goals of the week! (I like this idea!)

I think notice boards in retail outlets and so on provide a great opportunity for small businesses to promote to local customers… I have seen postcards pinned on a board in newsagents, gift shops, the post office and delivery office and jotted down the number from a card to make contact with another local business plenty of times! – Ces Creativity

We do this quite a lot – more so for Daddy Moo’s gardening business. Local noticeboards are a great way to advertise your business in a low cost manner.

We do at Waterstones. Mostly for up to date news, book of the month, quotes and things we recommend. It works really well as we then don’t have to explain things over again to customers and it looks gorgeous! Laura Davis – Max and Mummy 

Do you have a noticeboard for your small business? What information do you display?

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teacherboards goal setting

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