5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Outsource

I’ve been thinking more and more about outsourcing lately as sometimes you can’t grow the business is you are doing some tasks. You can also lose a lot of time to these tasks as I’ve discovered tasks you don’t enjoy take ten times longer and even then you end up doing them badly! (Yup I’m talking about cleaning here!) Outsourcing involves paying another company to do a task for you. Such tasks could be things that take up valuable time or they could simply be tasks that you have no expertise in. Outsourcing can be much cheaper than hiring a full-time employee to do the task, plus you’re guaranteed that it will be carried out by a professional. Commonly outsourced tasks include accounting, legal support, office cleaning and marketing – however, these are just a handful of options. In fact, nowadays you can pretty much outsource any task you can think of. Here are five tasks that you may not have realised you could outsource for your business.

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Answering Phonecalls :

Most of us hate answering the phone. Incoming calls can interrupt other tasks, affecting your workflow, plus they can take up valuable time. By outsourcing a phone answering service such as https://moneypenny.com/uk/, you’ll no longer have to deal with this inconvenience. Such companies will be able to tell you any important information whilst filtering out sales calls and general enquiries. It can also be useful for giving clients a 24 hour point of contact.

Replying to Emails :

It’s also possible to outsource a company to answer emails for you. Like answering phone calls, replying to emails can take up valuable time – especially in the case of general enquiries. The likes of http://happycrocodiles.co.uk can provide an email answering service so that all your emails are answered promptly. It’s even possible to outsource a virtual instant chat service.

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Juggling Suppliers : 

If you’re a company with lots of different suppliers such as a restaurant or a retailer, you could find that keeping track of supplier order and bills is a real headache. However, you can now outsource supply chain management companies such as http://malcolmgroup.co.uk to do this for you. Such companies can serve as a point of contact for suppliers whilst also managing all bills, adding them all up and relaying them to you as one single bill, making it easier to keep track of these payments.

Collecting Mail :

You can also outsource a service to collect mail for you. The likes of https://physicaladdress.com/ allow you to hire a mailing address in a prime location to make your company look more professional – this company collects your mail and then redirects it to you. If you work from home, this could prevent you having to give out your home address to clients.

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Digital security :

This one may seem odd, but you can actually outsource your company’s digital security. More companies are storing all their digital files on remote cloud servers. Some of these cloud servers such as https://www.symantec.com are guarded with the most high-tech security available allowing your files to be kept safe. Some of these companies can even provide staff members that are able to offer IT support when needed.

Do you outsource any of your life or business? Did you find it hard to do so in the beginning?

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