4 Reasons to Utilise a Planner (Pirongs Unique Planner Review)

Before the Summer holiday we talked about the importance of keeping your desk organised and how “stuff” has a detrimental effect on our brains. See all the bits of paper stacked on my office desk inhibits my brain from reaching it’s optimal functioning capacity.  I really need to sort it all out!! I have a diary and I have a notebook and I have a to do list … but sometimes I wish I had one book that could do everything I need it to.

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Pirongs Unique Planners are put together by yourself meaning they totally hit all the right spots! You can even start them mid year. I ordered mine for January 2017 and went for A5 size so it can fit in my handbag nicely.  When I say these planners are fully customised that’s exactly what they are. I choose the colour of everything even down to the binding (gold of course!).

business goals unique planner

The pages inside can be tailored to suit all your needs whether that’s business or personal. For example I have a business goal planner page and a family timetable page making my Pirongs Unique Planner a perfect companion. You can also use the editorial calender to plan your blog content or organise your seasonal creations for your Etsy shop.  I added a huge amount of list and note pages as these are important to me not only for obvious lists and note taking but I know that I always have somewhere for children to doodle in my bag. I also added word game with a bored Charlie in mind.

front cover priongs

Of course my babies made the front cover from our amazing holiday to Corfu.

4 reasons to utilise a planner :

  1. Organisation :  Having a book to write down all your appointments, work deadlines, events, when you are going to send out your next newsletter etc… means less scraps of paper hanging around, doodles on pads while your on the phone. It also means you can clear out these emails from your inbox and you then have a clear week (or day however you prefer) on view in your planner.
  2. Time Management : Did you know time management is basically when you organise your time effectively to achieve your chosen tasks? I think we sometimes underestimate the simplicity of it.  If you are anything like me you will have come back from the Summer with a mammoth to do list you can feel overwhelmed. Break it down into bite sized chunks maybe 3 or 4 things per day. If you do more awesome if you only do the 3 you will feel like it’s been a productive session.
  3. Reduces Stress : Being organised and having a rein over your productivity and time management is going to help with reducing stress levels.  Also having a planner that works effectively for your business and your needs (which will always differ from person to person) can reduce stress.
  4. They look pretty :  Come on! Who doesn’t want a pretty planner with stickers and ribbon which matches the elastic and binder! (just me then 😉 )

Save yourself 15% using the code : JDEWBERRY15 until February 2018. If you are looking for a planner that will meet all your needs if not more and looks amazing I really do recommend you check out Pirongs Unique Planner.

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  1. Hailey Dale
    September 28, 2016 / 3:52 pm

    I love planner reviews! This was so great 😀