Are you being honest about your customer service?

Make your business more successful and respected, by improving your customer service with tips from Fenetic Wellbeing.

Fenetic Wellbeing sell everything from wheelchairs and home mobility products to the UK’s lightest walking aid, nothing too out of the ordinary. And yet business owners among you could learn more from them than you imagine, whether you’re in the mobility industry or (most likely) not.

customer service tips

You see, founders Tom Appelbee and Graeme Firth are honest, straight talking Yorkshiremen who found a niche in a spiritless industry by delivering caring, kind and empathetic customer service – which shouldn’t have set them apart, though it certainly did.

Before they set up shop, the mobility world was typically split into two bleak camps – businesses that extorted the elderly or vulnerable, and companies too cheap to provide customer service through aftersales care.

Fenetic Wellbeing, spotted an opportunity to offer affordable goods to folk who need them, delivered for free, with 1 year warranty on everything, coupled with carefully curated content and advise to whoever asks for it.

Whether you can afford to beat your rivals on price alone isn’t important. Your great reputation is built on treating people personally, doing all you can to make their lives easier, and their experience with you memorable for all the right reasons.

It seems obvious, and yet Fenetic Wellbeing’s competitors let their customer service slip, leaving it easy for Tom and Graeme to swoop in and provide good old-fashioned care, knowledge and patience.
They’ve served over 100,000 loyal customers since 2009, giving each person and their individual requirements the care and attention they deserve.

Never Cold Call : 

Ever. Answer your own phone, emails, tweets, Facebook messages helpfully and as soon as you’re able. Work on providing help to people using a non-intrusive approach, instead of going out of your way to catch them off guard and ask for money.

Get your name out to the right people quicker, and give them a better first impression. Make your website easier to use, and share helpful advice on social media. Run adverts, or write an interesting and relevant blog or article. Go out of your way to give valuable content to your audience to help them make a buying decision.

Become the Expert : 

Only when you know everything about your products, services and industry, can you actually help and deliver the best customer service. Take time to become an expert so you can respond knowledgeably to people’s questions, to put them at ease and ultimately find the best product for them.

Fenetic Wellbeing can build everything in their range from scratch at warp speed, without instructions. They name and explain every product, know who’d benefit the most from them and get excited about the latest developments in the mobility world.

Learn as much as you can about your own company. You don’t have to know everything by tomorrow, that’s impossible, just a little more each day.

Don’t Get Defensive When Things Go Wrong :

You will make mistakes, they’re often forgivable, it’s how you handle them that sticks in your customer’s mind – make them remember how sympathetic and helpful you were.

Be open and honest, own up if you’re in the wrong or patiently explain if you weren’t, and if tensions run high, diffuse the situation positively.

Fenetic Wellbeing make personal mobility personal. They empathise with folk and talk to them as people. The basics are more rare than you think.

If someone emails asking for a refund that you can’t give, respond as though they were in front of you. In a real life scenario, would you say ‘I regret to inform you that we can’t process your refund?’ Or would it sound more like ‘how terrible that happened, I can imagine how you must have felt, we agree that it’s not ideal, but unfortunately we can’t refund you’

Ask Your Customers for Their Full Opinion of Your Business :

You can take their advice or leave it, but your customers may give you a morale boost for all the things you’re doing right and a nudge in the right direction if they’d like any improvements. Sometimes it is as simple as asking your customers what they want, so that you can give it to them.

These tips from Fenetic Wellbeing are just the start of understanding how to provide the best level of service that you can, to get ahead of the competition.

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  1. September 14, 2016 / 10:44 am

    Great post! Customer service is so incredibly important, never more so than now – and especially if you run a business online. I strongly believe in a friendly, relaxed approach too – PhotoFairytales is a small, independent business, not a huge corporation, so why would I speak as though I’m a faceless company? Be professional, yes, but there’s absolutely no need to be pompous or overly formal (unless you’re in a pompous, formal industry of course!). I simply don’t understand companies that don’t put customer service front and centre of what they’re about, and yet so many fail at this. The shopping experience may not be the first reason why that customer came to you, but it will be the reason why they go through with their purchase or come back again and recommend you to their friends. Good efficient, helpful, friendly customer care means that your customer associates their purchase with a happy, calm and relaxed feeling – and makes for a better working day for you too!

    • September 16, 2016 / 8:33 am

      LOVE YOU! This is such an excellent response!
      You do have super customer service and I think being friendly is the most important aspect of small business.