5 tips for starting a Yoga Business

In 2015 CNN published an article on the Best 100 Jobs in America did you know number 10 was Yoga instructor? (Freelancer writer/Blogger didn’t make the list but oddly 52 is Hand Therapist!?) Yoga is a fast growing business in America and so too here in the UK. The aim of Yoga is to create balance in the mind and body through a sequences of breathing, exercise and meditation. We live in such hectic, busy societies aided by technology at all times that we can easy lose sight of harmony, tranquility and life balance. A simple walk can provide you with clarity and is such a great way to clear your head and leave technology behind. Yoga is increasing in popularity as technology saturates our lives.

Have you ever considered starting a Yoga Business?

It’s probably easier than you think and like many exercise based businesses there is plenty of scope for a variety of income revenues. Such as group yoga lessons, private yoga lessons, online lessons, pre-recorded video lessons, e-books, you could even train to train other instructors, the list is endless.

5 things to think about when starting a yoga business :

yoga teacher training

  1. Training : As a yoga teacher you will need to undergo specialist training. What better place to partake in yoga teacher training than in Dharamsala under the peaks of the Himalayas. Sounds like the most perfect setting to me, to rekindle, grow and learn. Training can vary in prices, it’s vital to ensure that your training is credited and verified.  Also remember your training is your business, before you can teach yoga you need to train, study and learn for many, many hours.
  2. Branding : As with any small business branding is vital. Also consider having professional photos taken which convey the full feel of your business, calm, tranquil and light. Visual marketing will promote far more the energy of your business than written words.
  3. Business Model : Where will you practice yoga? Will you have a studio at home or in a premises? Will you run classes via your local gym? Will you be online only? If you decide to have your own dedicated premises you will need to consider lead times, especially in big cities such as London and whether they are fit for purpose.
  4. Customer Base : Know where to find your ideal customers and how to gather their data so that you can send them regular newsletters about events and offers. Social media is a good place to begin, set up a Facebook business page promoting your business, with a newsletter tab.  Hold free taster sessions within your local community and offers within local newspapers.
  5. Business is Business : My final bit of advice would be remember it’s a business.  The whole idea behind Yoga is balancing spiritual and physical harmony so it might seem like a contradiction to be concerned by making money rather than helping people, but clearly a business is about money, growth and development.

Have you started a yoga business what advice would you give to someone considering? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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