How To Start Selling All-over Print Clothing With Printful

Selling all-over print clothing or made-to-order products without keeping stock, sounds like a dream but it really isn’t! Printful helps you to create a side hustle or profitable business where a huge variety of products and clothing are designed in-house and are only manufactured once an order has been placed, minimizing overproduction, wasted stock, high wholesale prices and bucket loads of stress! I have been loving creating products on Printful using our Travel Corfu logo because it’s so easy! But just sometimes I have a great idea and literally no clue where to start! A graphic designer I am not! Canva gives me a headache but I do have a creative brain. I really wanted to create some more Greek-inspired designs moving away from just using our logo.

I’d had an idea forming in my mind for some Greek Evil Eye inspired clothing but I literally had no idea where to start! The evil eye, known as “mati” (μάτι) in Greek culture, is a good luck charm worn to ward off evil. You can’t move in Corfu without seeing one, wearing one or being near an evil eye. I toyed with the idea of creating a repeat pattern using just one mati graphic but again had no idea where to start. But appears the universe had my back when Printful’s affiliate newsletter dropped in my inbox all about all-over print products and how to design them.
How To Start Selling All-over Print Clothing With Printful

How To Start Selling All-over Print Clothing With Printful:

Printful offers an extensive range of 70+ all-over print products in over 15 categories, including activewear and swimwear to bags and pillows, something to suit any business, designer and consumer.  What I love about Printful is only your small business logo is featured on the products, so each item looks like it came directly from you, not a third party.

Your designs are printed onto special sublimation printing paper, which is then transferred to fabric using a heat press machine. Once printed, the patterns are precision cut from the fabric and then sewn into the final product. And the best bit of this process is – it’s nothing to do with you! Printful organises all of this and delivery too! It’s a small business dream!

all-over Print designs

Where To Start Designing Your All-over Print Clothing?:

At first, I felt overwhelmed, how can I get my idea together and create an actual saleable product? I needed a graphic and some way to fill a large area of clothing! Argh!  I started off watching this video which was a game-changer! Sometimes it can be human nature to just get on with things and leave the instructions in the box but this video really shows how easy it and I probably wouldn’t have been able to muddle through without it! The step by step process shows you how to create repeating patterns and layers of design and do you know what it’s so freaking easy!

My First All-over Print Design:

As I’ve not designed clothing before and wanted to create something I could actually wear, give it a test run before promoting and marketing it as an actual product.  I opted for the all-over print Recycled high-waisted bikini because well ya’know Corfu beaches on honeymoon! I also absolutely loved that this bikini is made from recycled polyester!  Recycled polyester is produced through recycling existing materials (like plastic bottles and packaging) by crushing these plastic products into small pieces which are then processed into yarn, transformed into a fibre, and finally made into a fabric. Recycled polyester has all the characteristics and performance you would expect of regular polyester but is a far more sustainable fabric.

I did a quick search in the design maker clip art section for “evil eye” and one image came up so I changed the search to “eye” and loads appeared phew! I choose one that was a block colour this way I was able to change it to the teal in our Travel Corfu logo. Streamlining your colours and branding to enable your products to all look and feel like they came from you is really important.  Once I had chosen my image, the size and the colour I positioned it and hit “pattern” from there you have lots of options of how you’d like the repeat pattern to look.  You could add another layer of different clip art again and again until you are happy with your design.  If you are a graphic designer you can just upload your design file and go from there.

There’s also the option to create the lining as well, I opted for white this time. It’s really quite exciting to see the design come together.  Then you add your logo/branding to the care label. Simple!

travel corfu all-over print clothing design

Another great feature of Printful is the mock-up images.  It really helps to bring your product to life.  I love the flat lays but you can also have images of women wearing your bikini.  These are great to start with but to make your brand stand out from others in the same genre it’s useful to take your own photographs.

Selling all-over print clothing with Printful is so easy and the possibilities are endless. Plus because you don’t hold stock etc .. products are only printed once they are ordered and you don’t have to deal with this process or distribution either! Leaving you more time to spend marketing and designing products! Which all-over print clothing products will you design first?

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