How To Set Up A Showroom Selling Ergonomic Chairs And Standing Desks?

Investing in an ergonomic furniture showroom entails a strategic balancing of the four Ps of marketing.

Setting up a store to market and sell ergonomic chairs and standing desks is a lucrative proposition indeed. Considering the fact that the market for ergonomic chairs and standing desks is expanding, you will appreciate your decision as the sales shoot up. But before entering the fray, it will be wise to do some groundwork. Selling ergonomic chairs and standing desks, like all other products, requires congruence between the four Ps of marketing – product, price, place, and promotion.

How To Set Up A Showroom Selling Ergonomic Chairs And Standing Desks?

So, in order to set up a showroom for ergonomic office chairs and sit-and-stand desks, you should begin by gaining technical knowledge about them. Talking of pricing, ergonomic chairs and standing desks are slightly expensive, but the rewards that you can earn by marketing them are worth the investment. As far as the place of your retail outlet or showroom is concerned, it’ll be profitable to choose an area that’s abuzz with corporate activity.

Now comes the most important part – promoting your showroom. Although standing desks and ergonomic chairs are quite well-known among corporate professionals, you can’t leave the promotion of your store to time. Your competitors are leaving no stone unturned in outwitting each other, and since you are about to set foot on the same turf, your advertising and promotional campaigns should be equally energetic. 

Then you have to curate a highly-skilled sales team that’s as well-versed with the technical and noble features of ergonomic chairs and standing desks. You may have to train them through mock sales drills, educational sessions, and client handling exercises. You’ll soon realise that these endeavours won’t go to waste.

Here’s a mini-guide on how to successfully set up a showroom to sell ergonomic chairs and standing desks:

Know Your Products, Know Your Clients:

Ergonomic chairs and standing desks are designed to provide bodily comfort to an office workforce. They facilitate good posture, fit backs, necks, and spines, and reduce work stress and anxiety. These furniture variants are essential at the workplace as they increase employee productivity, and enhance visual appeal. A company can benefit a lot from ergonomic furniture as it catalyses sustained returns-on-investment (ROI). Well, the deeper you go into these aspects, the better prepared you are to market ergonomic chairs and standing desks. We recently discovered EZ Shopper, and in 2022 their standing desk range represents some of the best value desks available in the UK.

Moving on to clients, ergonomic chairs and sit-and-stand desks are used by corporate professionals; managers and employees. Due to growing awareness, both these categories of people are making a beeline for these office chairs and desks. Basically, you have to portray the ‘human angle to them in a way that suits their individual and collective needs.

Cost Price, Sales Price:

Let’s look at it this way, something that costs high won’t be sold at a low price. And something that costs high needs high investment from a dealer or retailer’s pocket. So, you have to shell out considerable amounts of money to source ergonomic chairs and standing desks from the manufacturers. Nonetheless, bulk buying will open vistas for trade discounts, and makers of ergonomic furniture wouldn’t want to miss another channel partner. Use your business acumen to the hilt here.

Your sales prices will obviously be high as well. But you can give good sales discounts, promotional offers, and bulk sales benefits to your corporate clients. You may also, and in fact, you should explore the online selling options where your competitors are highly active. Click mesmerising pictures of your ergonomic chairs and standing desks and post them on your own website, or a renowned sales portal and see the results yourself. 

Best Place, Best Results:

Now you have a fair idea that ergonomic chairs and standing desks are used by corporate workers – and this includes work-from-home (WFH) experts as well. So, choose your selling spot in areas where there’s an abundance of offices. Corporate workers prefer to live close to their offices, and this might augur well for if you want to cater to the WFH segment.

Carefully and strategically chosen sales spots will also help you in deciding on how much you need to invest in your showroom. And that, coupled with your sufficient inventory of ergonomic chairs and standing desks will guarantee good results. Visibility is the key and maybe a defining factor of your growth and progress in the ergonomic furniture market.

Promote Well, Provide After-sales Help: 

Promotion of ergonomic chairs and standing desks will require a soothing and ambient showroom that can replicate office setups. You may creatively curate cubicles and workspaces and showcase ergonomic chairs in such a way that they reflect live office settings. Standing desks, on the other hand, can be promoted through mannequins standing in an upright position. The more relatable your set-up, the more acceptance it will get from your clients. You may post pictures of renowned CEOs on the walls of your outlet. It will work wonders.

Now comes the advertising part. Well, believe it or not, the internet has outclassed every promotional medium today. Use it to the maximum. But that doesn’t mean that the doors of traditional promotional sources are closed. Magazines, newspapers, and pamphlets still do the rounds in offices. Amazingly, word-of-mouth will automatically come into effect and you’ll see the results yourself.

Finally, you should equip your sales team with not only the marketable knowledge but also the wherewithal to provide after-sales and timely delivery of ergonomic chairs and standing desks. Grievance redress is never out of vogue, and you must build your goodwill through that.


It’s a noble idea to have your own sales outlet for ergonomic chairs and standing desks. By entering into this category you’ll earn rich dividends, and contribute to the welfare of innumerable workers, employees, managers, and CEOs. We believe that the aforementioned guideline if adhered to with conviction, can help you in setting up an ergonomic chair and standing desks showroom. 

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