Personalising Your Notebook With a Monogram

I LOVE notebooks and I cannot lie!
I love that feeling of promise, excitement and sometimes overwhelm a new page brings.
I love doodles, collages and keeping all my bits and pieces organised and together.
I’ve been road testing an Mål Paper daily goal planner which is GORGEOUS, I love the layout and listing three things I’m grateful for alongside my to do list. But there is just one thing missing, my own unique touch. I decided to have a go at creating my own monogram.

Doesn’t it look pretty!! ❤️

monogram maker notebook

What is a monogram? :

A monogram is a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters to create one symbol. Monograms usually combine initials of an individual or a company.  If designing a block monogram initials are ordered like your name: first, middle and last (so for me, Joanne Louise Dewberry = JLD). If the monogram features a larger centre initial, the ordering is always first name, last name, and middle name (= JDL). I’m creating a monogram using my initials, however, to stay on brand 😉 I’m dropping my middle name (JD). Monograms are perfect for adding that special touch by personalising stationery, wedding invites and Thank you cards. monogram maker

You can easily find a monogram maker online which will take you through the steps to create your very own monogram. Monogram maker offers a variety of fonts, frames and colour options. I liked the fact that you don’t have to set up an account to use this platform, you can literally just have a go there really is nothing worse than signing up to a site then realising you don’t get along with it.  To begin with, simply type your letters into the monogram generator (you can use multiple letters which is handy as my children all have 4 names!) and then select the perfect monogram font. I tried out a couple here’s one I rejected.

monogram maker JD

I didn’t pay attention and knocked off part of the frame, but also the font is way to fancy, I prefer things cleaner and simpler. The good thing is though a monogram takes minutes to knock up so you can just have another go. You don’t have to add a monogram frame, however, there are some lovely mandala ones which you could colour in if you print on paper rather than vinyl.

I called in a favour and had my design cut on a Cricut for me. You can see that I decided to keep the leafs whole and not remove the inside, which looks lovely but was a nightmare! If you are planning to use a cricut make sure the pattern and font aren’t too intricate for the machine.

I used monogram maker free to create my monogram, it was surprisingly easy to use.  Would be really handy at Christmas time for creating personalised cards, gift wrap and envelopes. If you have a Cricut, then the possibilities are endless you could create personalised mugs, water bottles, candles as well as notebooks. What would you use your monogram for?

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