Why you should use cloud computing in 2016

Cloud computing

2015 was surely the year when the cloud really ‘came of age’, the moment when it became the obvious platform for enterprise data and applications.

Moreover, with plenty of remaining scope for cloud computing to really mature and fulfil its innovative potential, 2016 is not the year to be complacent about the importance of cloud migration for your own organisation.

What benefits does the cloud already provide?

The last 12 months have finally seen cloud computing fully embraced by the mainstream, largely fulfilling earlier predictions that 90% of businesses in the UK would use at least one cloud service by the end of 2015.

The reasons for this aren’t difficult to understand. The cloud offers today’s businesses unparalleled flexibility, freeing them up to increase or decrease their cloud capacity in line with their requirements at any one time.

A cloud solution also enables you to forget about the need to manually install software updates – these being quietly rolled out by suppliers without you necessarily even noticing. It even gives you peace of mind about the robustness of your firm’s disaster recovery arrangements, with business data being protected and downed operations brought back up to speed almost straight away.

Collaborate from anywhere, while achieving more

The above are all good reasons for your organisation to really invest in cloud computing in 2016, but they are far from the only ones.

What about the greater ease with which your company’s teams will be able to truly work together once you have a suitable cloud solution on stream? Whether it concerns the accessing, editing and sharing of documents or instead slightly more specialised tasks, collaboration via the cloud provides real-time updates and maximum visibility.

Similarly, it is difficult to beat the ability that the cloud gives your team members to make contributions to your projects from literally anywhere with an Internet connection, via any device. With so many constraints lifted, your employees will be empowered to work with the flexibility that they have long aspired to.

Cloud computing isn’t just for the present – it’s for the future

Big, bold predictions have been made for the new and exciting fields and disciplines that ‘the cloud’ could breach in 2016.

From experimenting, testing and pulling data and applications from various sources, right through to playing its rightfully cutting-edge role in the looming era of the Internet of Things (IoD), there’s so much that your own firm’s cloud solution could be doing to boost your corporate productivity and efficiency in years to come.

Want more reasons to make the cloud your organisation’s big IT investment in 2016? Just check them out on our accompanying infographic.

cloud infographic

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