Teaching Your Kids to Respect School Rules

Teachers are plagued with the task of teaching a classroom full of students to respect them and the school rules, every day of the academic year. School rules are in place for a purpose and children must follow them.  As a parent, you should take it upon yourself to promote the same behaviour outside of the classroom, not only to support the teachers but also to raise a well-mannered, respectable child. Here’s some advice from an independent school in Somerset to get you started.

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Children are not born with pristine manners and an awareness of respect; these are things they have to learn. They need people to teach and show them what is right and what is wrong, which you can start to do from a very early age.  You must be explicit when you are teaching them about rules and there should be no grey areas that they could misinterpret. It’s also worth discussing the difference between rules and routine. Routines can be adjusted from time to time to suit the circumstances, such as bedtime, without any serious repercussions. Rules, on the other hand, are non-negotiable and put in place to guarantee the safety and security of your child. 

Give your child some examples of appropriate as well as inappropriate ways to behave, specifically within a classroom. Make sure they understand who is in charge when you are not there and what sorts of punishments they can expect if they misbehave. One of the main things that your child will need to do in class is to pay attention. This is something that you can practise at home whilst playing. Test their listening skills and make sure that they know that when everyone in a room is quiet, they should be too. If your child successfully follows the rules, it’s wise to praise and reinforce this behaviour in order to encourage it.

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  1. August 18, 2023 / 3:36 am

    Your guidance on teaching respect and manners is valuable. Instilling the importance of rules and understanding authority from an early age sets the foundation for well-mannered children. Consistent reinforcement and praise can help cultivate respectful behavior. – Joanne