The Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities for Children

Taking up an extra-curricular activity in school time is a great way for students to immerse themselves in a range of different skills and abilities. A lot of these activities can involve sports or group work, but they can also include music lessons, choir, performing arts and art clubs, among many others.

In this guide from a prep school in Surrey we take a look at the benefits extra-curricular activities bring to children.

The Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities for Children

The Chance To Harness New Skills:

A child that’s able to pick up new and improved skills makes for a more engaged, thoughtful and intelligent child. While lessons every day of the week means your child is learning plenty of new things, there are other areas your child can and should explore if they want to put these skills into practice. For example, a child that spends one lunchtime a week working on the school newspaper they’re able to use a whole range of skills that will benefit English, History and Business studies lessons.

It Looks Really Good On A Future CV:

When students are reaching the age where they need to begin applying for their first job, or applying for a course at university or college, having extra-curricular activities on there really boosts appeal. A child that wants to go into performing arts at university for instance should be trying out at the school’s drama club and taking part in school theatre productions. Similarly, for first jobs, interviewers like to see that a child is showing a good work ethic so that they’re able to pick up skills in the workplace quickly.

Helps A Child Find Their Passion:

Little did I know when Megan started ballet lessons aged 3 she would be performing in shows, panto and eventually even attending stage school dancing every day. Extra-curricular activities are not just used for building on skills. It’s often used as an outlet to find what children enjoy the most in life and lead them through their first steps towards finding their passion. Having a solid interest gives your child somewhere where they can have fun, switch off from their studies and the outside world and dive into something they know they love and appreciate.

Builds A Child’s Confidence:

In taking part in their favourite activities each week, a child is learning how they can be the best version of themselves. It helps your child learn how to focus, build their own level of resilience, and learn to appreciate what they’ve learnt when they’re taking up these activities. Making new friends, working in groups and laughing amongst others all help a child build up confidence over time – which makes for happier and more motivated students.

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