Helping Your Child Become More Independent

Independence is a great and much needed skill in children from a young age. When children are looking to develop their skills it’s wise to explore as many skills as you can with your child. Independence can come from improving confidence, motivation skills and teaching your child to be respectful, among other key skills.

In this guide from a prep school in Hertfordshire we look at the ways you can help your child become independent through a range of methods.

Helping Your Child Become More Independent

Give Your Child A Range Of Chores:

Chores are a good place to start with your child’s understanding of independence. Let them tackle the tasks you give them in their own unique way and see how they get on. If your child has a particular method for washing the dishes for instance, then let them have a go at their way of handling it. These little things, as well as allowing your child to tackle the tasks in a way that suits them, greatly help their independence.

Allow Your Child To Make Decisions:

Having a child that’s able to make their own choices takes the pressure off your shoulders in the process. They help your child learn how they can manage things for themselves without the pressure of listening to you for support. You’re also showing your child that you feel confident in their abilities to manage their skills on their own, which will give them the confidence to grow.

Work On Your Child’s Problem Solving Skills:

Being able to solve problems is another way of handling a child’s expectations. Set up a range of scenarios that will help your child manage their skills without being too overwhelmed with what they’ve been asked to do. Start with a range of problem solving games that your child can pick up easily – from board games and group play time to asking your child questions in real time.

Let Your Child Be On Their Own For A While:

Leaving your child at home alone will give them the chance to see how they can handle themselves in a different situation. Give your child the opportunity to be left on their own for an hour or two and slowly increase this time. Help your child through this by giving them a phone as well, if they need to reach you for any particular reason. Trust that they can handle themselves without you around and they’ll naturally learn to manage their needs independently. 

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