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Struggling to keep up with the latest fashion trends? We’ve all been there, looking back at old photos and cringing at the outdated clothes, wallpaper, and even those awful haircuts.

But when it comes to flooring, there’s one trend that never goes out of style – Karndean click vinyl flooring. No matter how many times you change your furniture, this timeless flooring option will always match your decor.floorbay


Creating the Perfect Match:

Believe it or not, the color of your flooring can make or break the overall look of your room. If you have a brown wooden table on a gray vinyl floor, the mismatched tones will be hard to ignore. But with Karndean click vinyl flooring, you have a wide range of colors and finishes to choose from, ensuring a cohesive and well-designed space.

Harmony in Design;

Want to create a vibrant and natural atmosphere? Consider opting for a natural wood design in either light or dark tones from the Karndean range. Not only will it add warmth to your room, but it will also breathe new life into the space, regardless of your room’s color palette.

Rug Placement and Comfort:

Large, open areas in your home often call for a rug to define the space and add a cozy touch. With Karndean click vinyl flooring, you can choose from a variety of designs that perfectly complement your rugs, adding an extra layer of style and comfort. Plus, if you have underfloor heating, your rugs will keep the room warm and inviting even on chilly evenings.

floorbay stylish flooring

Style that Lasts:

While Karndean is considered a premium vinyl flooring product, it’s still a more affordable option compared to real hardwood or stone flooring. Plus, installation and replacement are a breeze, saving you time and money in the long run. With Karndean click vinyl flooring, you can achieve lasting style and elegance that effortlessly adapts to your changing lifestyle.

Upgrade your home’s style with Karndean flooring – a perfect blend of fashion, function, and durability. Contact the team at Floorbay today.

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