Team building for a better workforce

Teamwork makes the dream work : 

If you want a successful business, it’s important to have a strong team. Part of organisational psychology involves team building as an essential part of growing a creative, resourceful and motivated workforce.

Small businesses especially need these types of activities because people have to work closely together and take on many different roles. It requires dedication, incentive and cooperation. These attributes in your employees will ensure productivity within the workforce.

Activities that help team building can be anything that requires your employees to work together and communicate whilst having fun. It doesn’t have to be work-related. It may not even seem like a typical team challenge activity at first, but it will break down barriers, eliminate groups and create friendships.

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Here are some benefits team building activities can have on a small business : 

team building activities

Increased communication : 

Communication is an important skill, but if not practised often, it can easily crash. A team building activity that requires your employees to solve a problem together will improve their communication skills instantly.

This type of communication can easily be transferred into daily life in the work environment and encourages everyone to work better together as a team. There may be certain members of staff that would not usually need to speak to each other. A team building activity may spark a friendship, then encouraging them to go out of their way to speak to that other member of staff on a daily basis. This gives the workplace a happier and friendlier atmosphere.

Reduced conflicts : 

It is not uncommon for conflicts to arise within the workplace due to a variety of personalities and strong-mindedness. One of the ways to help ease conflict is team building activity days. These days allow your employees to get to know each other on a personal level and get more accustomed to each other’s personalities.

Getting to know each other outside of work makes it easier for employees to understand each other in work. Friends are less likely to want to upset one another than just ‘co-workers’. So the aim is to create a workforce of friendships for a content and productive work environment.

Build trust : 

Trust is an essential part of a business, without trust it can be difficult to grow your business and achieve objectives. Growing the trust through team building activities will help them learn to depend on each other and realise that their team members are capable of helping them when trusted.
Carrying this attitude into the workplace will help increase productivity and sharing of workloads to increase tasks completed and hit targets. You want your employees to feel comfortable trusting each other and not isolating their workload.

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Uncovers potential : 

Team building activities motivate people to perform tasks and overcome challenges they may not have ever considered before. This is a great way to uncover someone’s strengths and also show the team how strong they are when they actually work together.

The feeling of gratification they get when they overcome an activity day challenge may spark something they’ve not felt before. This motivates them to work together back in the workplace in order to get the same results. Discovering individual strengths as well as team strengths will do wonders for their performance at work.

Now that we have established how important team building activities are, you should now consider when and how often you should be doing it. Organising an activity once a year is pointless, you won’t see any results long term. They should be done regularly and they should definitely be made compulsory. Ensure fun, upbeat and powerful team building experiences to allow your staff to become team players and come together.

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