Helping Your Child Become More Confident

Confidence can come naturally to some children, but less so in others. While that shouldn’t be a cause for concern, look to your child and see if they’re in need of additional support and see what you can do to boost their self-esteem. Here, in a guide from an independent school in Oxfordshire, we take a look at the ways you can improve your child’s confidence.

Helping Your Child Become More Confident

Help Your Child Find Their Passion:

Does your child struggle to fit in because they don’t have a stable hobby? Using extracurricular activities, sports or other hobbies to fill your kids’ time is a way of letting them express themselves and get involved. 

They’re also being shown new and inviting skills that boost their personal development. Having a skill that they enjoy and develop can soon become a passion for them, where they dedicate a lot of time and energy in performing well, which is where their confidence shines.

Reward Them For Good Effort, Not Just For Good Grades:

If your child only sees a reward for having a good result in an exam or a project then they’ll soon lose their confidence in striving to achieve. Give them praise for any amount of effort – for some children it can be a lot of work for them or they find it difficult to understand, so if they’ve gone the extra mile to try their best they should be reminded of that.

Set Achievable Goals:

If you have a series of goals in mind ready for your child to combat, then you’re more likely to work through them together. They’ll also feel more motivated when it’s written out in front of them so that they can review what they’ve done in school that day, if there are any problem areas that you believe will help them, and more.

Show Them How To React When We Fail:

No one is perfect, and showing children how to do that will make them feel more prepared for whatever life throws at them. Being resilient in our own lives will make uncomfortable situations more manageable and give them the chance to feel brave, no matter how they feel about a situation. 

For example, if you’ve shown them what to do if they don’t do so well in an exam, then they’ll feel much more comfortable to bounce back and do better next time. Remind them that a lot of what’s happening in their lives right now is temporary and there’s always a second chance to better themselves.

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