How to design a show-stopping exhibition stand

When done properly, exhibition stands are a high-impact and cost-effective sales, advertising, and networking channel. They greatly increase your visibility, and make you get seen as a credible business.

Exhibition stands offer one subtle, but immensely vital opportunity: being seen alongside your competitors. This can make potential customers see just why you are better than the rest.

Exhibitions stands help you attract new customers. They also help you reach out and connect with your existing clients.

In light of these, let’s take a look at how to design a show-stopping – or show-stealing – exhibition stand that guarantees your efforts provide tremendous return on investment.

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The Exhibition Design : 

Plan and design your exhibition with these in mind:

    1. On the average, it takes at most five seconds for a viewer to walk past your exhibition stand. With competition all around, your task is uphill.

    2. If your exhibition stand is well designed and effective, 53% the attendees will be converted.

Know your target audience : If you are targeting the younger generation, for example, experience is generally more important than the product itself. It is often the reverse for the senior audience. If your product transcends age, then incorporate other considerations and strike the right balance.

Make yourself look good : Make sure everything you use shows quality. Even the ground of your exhibition stand should be covered with high-quality, soft carpets. This makes potential customers feel they will be in safe, capable hands.

Choose the right kind of stand : You can make use of a flexible stand if your budget does not allow for a bigger exhibition stand. Use attractive, modular stands out that allow you to change displays for different products, or target different audiences where required.

Using a large stand is very ideal if you can pay for the stand and space.

Make it neat : Avoid clutter and shabbiness by all means. Discard all forms of litter. Ensure that your stand is neat and tidy. A well-kept exhibition stand shows you off as professional and reliable.

Avoid too much furniture and mobile banners; they take up space and impede visitor movement.

The right amount of display : Do not display too little. This will make people think you do not have much to offer. Do not display too much either. This can eat up space, as well as make people think you’re cheap and desperate.

Allow room for people to want to find out more, and be on hand to provide the information they need.

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Go for the spectacular : Exhibition stands provide a great opportunity for branding. But do not insist on this. Your brand theme may not be attractive enough and your gimmick may be lost on many potential customers.

Create a spectacular stand but maintain its relevance to what you do. Point attention to yourself, but ensure that it still passes a clear message on what you are about.

Remember that you have an unfairly short window of opportunity. Make the most of it.

Lighting : Bright and moderately colorful displays will get people interested and curious. Somber displays will only elicit passing curiosity from attendees; that’s if you get noticed at all.

Do not rely on the lighting that may come with the exhibition stand. Get more light in, and tweak light angles until you achieve the lighting effect that will keep viewers coming.

Graphics : Use graphics to display products and information. Graphics are more engaging than lectures and long talk.

Make sure your graphics are striking. They will attract attention from several meters away. Make your text clear and legible, and ensure your brand name is highlighted and visible from a distance.

Keep the words short and simple. Make full use of images and videos. Use moving displays on your stand.

You can use iPads for presentations and communication. This not only engages your audience, it makes them know you are “cool”.

Don’t make the audience guess : Ensure that you label everything on your exhibition stand. Video graphics can provide additional information, but people looking at your products should know what exactly they are looking at.

Invest in Drapery : Avoid the mistake of being all about glass boxes and technology. Use drapery in and around your exhibition stand to provide a beautiful, warm, friendly, and down-to-earth effect.

Product Demo : Where applicable, ensure that you demonstrate the product to the audience so they can see what you do and how you do it.

Product demonstration is the most relevant aspect of the exhibition. It can also be one of the most captivating that will make people never forget you.

People are inundated with facts daily; showing them your product at work will go a long way in giving perspective to things and prompting purchase decisions.

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The exhibit personnel : A spectacular display will attract the attention of many, but key decision makers in organizations usually consult the exhibit staff for more detailed information.

Make sure your exhibition staff are properly dressed. Business casual is the safest way to go. Being overly dressed will intimidate the ordinary attendee (who make up the bulk of the audience), while being under dressed will undermine your credibility.

Ensure the staff are dressed to complement the theme of your exhibition stand, where possible. The aim is to create a balanced, attractive look that will make your exhibition stand stand out.

Final Note

Remember the design must be such that clearly communicates the right and sufficient amount of information that will induce and guide a purchase decision.

A show-stopper will build and boost your reputation, make people remember you, cement loyalty and create opportunities to cultivate new loyalties.

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