Top 10 Visual Merchandising Tips for Craft Stalls

Photo Credit Katherine's Paintings

Photo Credit Katherine’s Paintings

  1. Know where your stall is situated and have the aids to maximize your space – hooks to hang, boxes to stand etc.
  2. Consider how the customer will approach your stall. Will it be from the left, the right or the centre?
  3. Position your strongest range in the middle of the display or the most visible position.
  4. Display the products by placing large items to the back, smaller to the front and group similar ranges together.
  5. Where possible, display products in groups of 3 or 5 (odd numbers balance best).
  6. Baskets, boxes and other props can be used to enhance the merchandise. For maximum impact, elevate products to different levels.
  7. Remember to use the front of the table. Items can hang down or over the edge. It’s makes great additional space.
  8. Price your products with clean, clear ticketing (point of sale). A hand written ticket on crafted paper for a one off handmade gift box, speaks volumes about the quality of the item. If you are not happy about hand written tickets then print them off your computer. Highlight any benefits or offers such as ‘Buy two, get third free’.
  9. Customers may not wish to buy your particular product today but may remember your ranges in the future. If you do not have business cards, then use your computer to print out your details and hand them out to each potential customer. Ensure that your name, logo or website details are visible to all.
  10. Stand back. View your stall. Have you achieved maximum impact?

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  1. J Derby
    June 18, 2011 / 8:35 am

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