Always In A Rush? Effective Time Management Tips In Business

Running a small business can be exhausting, even more so in the run-up to Christmas. Between looking after clients, sourcing or making products, marketing, administration, and a myriad of other tasks, oh and 3 children, after-school clubs and a house to run, you’re left with very little time if any (in my case none) to actually enjoy yourself. Whilst it’s great to be busy, there is nothing worse than a busy fool, you don’t have to spend every waking moment working, especially if you’re getting very little done with your time. Here are six effective tips to help you manage your time tips

Stick To A Schedule :

With so much on your plate, the last thing that you should do is improvise your days. This will quickly lead to wasted time and may even result in you forgetting to complete essential tasks. For this reason, you should stick to a general schedule or routine every day. You should also make a list of everything that you need to do each day and complete tasks by their importance.

Include Time To Rest :

leesa mattress reviewAs you plan your schedule, you need to make sure that you include breaks, as well as plenty of time to get a good night’s sleep. You should also plan for other self-care rituals, like daily exercise, cooking healthy meals, and any hobbies you enjoy. Spend more time reading, get outside for a walk remember 10 minutes of fresh air can make such a big difference to your health and productivity.

Unless you take care of yourself, you’ll become stressed and sick, which can only ever result in a lack of productivity.

Use Travel Time Wisely :

Teleconference facilities are a great tool for reducing unproductive travel time to meetings. That being said, there are some business meetings that you have to attend in person. To limit the time wasted, you should use your travel wisely by reading business books and blogs, listening to podcasts, and completing whatever work you can. If rest is what you need, then you could do that instead. Also consider piggybacking meetings, errands, jobs etc … so they happen on the same day limiting your time out of the office. 

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Hire People Your Trust :

Delegating tasks to employees or hiring a VA can take the pressure off you and free up time, but this will only work if you have a team that you can trust. Because of this, you should ensure that you hire the right people and provide training before they begin work. For managerial roles, this might mean an Activia train the trainer class. Once you trust your team, you’ll find it easier to let go.

Eliminate Unnecessary Staff Meetings :

As the leader, it is your responsibility to keep your staff informed of the goings on in your company. You also need to assign tasks and delegate work each day. That being said, a daily meeting isn’t required for this purpose. In fact, more often than not, these meetings are a major waste of time. For this reason, you should cut down meetings and use company emails instead. team work

Identify Your Biggest Distractions :

When your productivity is at an all-time high, the last thing that you need is a distraction. This will completely ruin your concentration and make it more difficult to focus once again. With that in mind, you should make a note of all of the things that distract you each working day, like email notifications, employees, working from home, housework and eating. Once you’ve done this, you can find ways to eliminate them.

Business owners are busy enough without wasting time each day. To cut back on the number of hours you lose, make sure that you remember the advice above and manage your time better.

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