Three Easy DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids

With the spooky season now upon us, there is nothing scarier than the looming question of what our children want to dress up as for Halloween, and if this will require us to roll up our sleeves and get crafty. But don’t fear – we have a few ideas to help you get creative with your child quickly, easily, and on a budget.

Popular nursery chain Kiddi Caru found that when asked about World Book Day, only 40% of parents said they make their child’s costumes. With 47% of children eager to help when their parents get creative, why not take what we’ve learnt from the iconic literary celebration, and apply it to the spooky season? Here are three easy DIY Halloween ideas that will not only give you time to get crafty with your child but will send them out the door feeling proud of the unique costume you have created, together. 

Three Easy DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids: 

Three Easy DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids

Futuristic Jetpack Explorer:

If your child is always flying around the room and bouncing off the walls, then a jetpack explorer costume might just be the thing for them. And, the best part is, they can pretty much wear whatever they’d like!

All you need is:

  • Two one litre bottles
  • Some paint
  • Tape 
  • String 
  • Goggles/binoculars 

Firstly, take any labels off the bottles and cover them in paint – any colour will do if the bottles aren’t already made from coloured plastic. Once they’re dry, tape them together side by side.

Next, measure out the string and make sure it is long enough to attach from the top of the bottles to the bottom to make two straps. You can attach the straps using a glue gun – available from any craft store – or tape. You may want to paint over the tape. If you don’t have string, then long socks or ribbons will work just as well. You’ll now start to see a jetpack forming. 

If you take the lids off the bottles, turn them face down, scrunch up some red or orange tissue paper and attach it to the inside of the bottle – you’ll create flames coming out the bottom, and your child will be ready for take-off! 

To finish off, pair with some goggles or even binoculars – and for added effect, how about a belt with balloons, a map, or even a compass attached. Your child is now the first jetpack explorer of the future! 

*Bonus Costume Idea* 

You could even make them a scuba diver by following the same steps – but wearing all black and turning the bottles the other way up so that the lids face the sky and the jetpack becomes an oxygen tank. Pair with snorkelling goggles and get ready to make a splash! 

Dinosaur or Dragon:

For this beastly costume, all you’ll need is a t-shirt (or hoodie), trousers and a long sock in your child’s favourite colour, along with some felt or paper in a different colour. Felt is recommended as it’s more comfortable for your child to sit down and move around in. The best part about this costume is that if you opt to sew the triangular scales, they can be picked off and the clothes used for the costume can be placed back in the wardrobe without any damage! 

To start, cut triangles out of the felt or paper to make scales, and sew or glue these down the back of the top. If your child opts for a hoodie – make sure there is a colourful triangle on the back of their head when they put the hood up. You could even attach googly eyes to the front of the hood. 

Take the sock and stuff it with other socks or scrap fabric and attach it to the bottom of their top at the back. This forms the dinosaur’s tail. The felt/paper triangles should continue down the tail, gradually getting smaller in size. 

To make this completed dinosaur into a dragon – paint a paper cup and attach some fiery tissue paper to the end. Put some string around the cup so that it attaches to your child’s nose and mouth. They are now a fantastic fire-breathing dragon! 


To transform your child into a spooky spider you’ll need:

  • Six long black socks
  • Some stuffing (fabric scraps or other socks work great) 
  • A glue gun or needle and thread 
  • Googly eyes and a black hat (optional) 

Firstly, your child will need to wear a black long-sleeved top and some black bottoms. Next, stuff the six long black socks and attach three to each side. You can use a glue gun, sew, or even safety pin them in place. Attach one to each of their shoulders, and two below their arms, down the rest of their body. They now have eight, creepy spider legs!

For a finishing touch, stick a group of googly eyes on the front of the hat. You could even visit a pound shop, get some fake cobwebs and add those to the spooky spider costume!

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