Why Content is King

Since I started Charlie Moo’s back in 2008 a general shift has occurred in how e- commerce small businesses online operate. Back then it was all about SEO and get the top of google. If you weren’t on page 1 you weren’t making sales. But now things have started to shift as google places its emphasis now more on content.

why content is king

Here are 5 (I like the number 5!) top tips on developing your online visibility :

  1. Update your website regularly with new, well written content be aware though that duplicate content is penalised. Keep your about us page and product descriptions up to date.
  2. Write a regular blog – blogging is a great way to provide fresh new content to google, become an expert in your genre of business (even if your genre is nappies or cleaning products!) and provide a human way to engage with your customer base.  You need to realistically publish a blog post once a week. If you are clever and use mind mapping and scheduling you can do 4 posts in a day meaning you spend little time blogging but reap the rewards.
  3. Blogging doesn’t have to be the written word – how about video blogging or vlogging as the cool kids call it 😉  Youtube is the second biggest search engine.  I am not great at creating video content but I think the key here is TO DO IT! I’m guessing its better to have content on You Tube than none at all.
  4. Get on Google+ – sharing content onto Google+ can rank higher in searches than your website itself – FACT! I’m still unsure of what I’m doing but there are lots of great blogs out there and I’m positive it will all slot into place soon! (fingers crossed!)
  5. Use social mediapinterest, Twitter, Facebook etc etc … to publicise your content and make your content easy for others to share.

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