Designing a flyer made easy ..

Firstly I’d like to thank Kirsty Bowderbank-Steel ( for the use of her images and notes when it comes to deigning a flyer. It is really refreshing to see that not only has Kirsty made mistakes and publicly admitted it but she along the way has learnt from this.

I loved this photo and had my first flyer designed with it (by the wonderful and talented Kelly over at StyleMews), however I decided not to use it incase people thought photo was offensive rather than funny.


My second attempt at flyer design by the wonderfully talented Zara from Cutezie-poo designs , although I now don’t use this design as the wording I chose (as much as makes people smile) gave the impression of a postnatal class.  


Flyer attempt 3, again by the wonderful Cutezie-poo designs , but now I don’t use the ‘Fun Family Fitness’ because whilst I still try to promote keeping the family active and have page dedicated to this on the site it gave the impression of a class for the whole family. 


So attempt 4 by Biz Brand Buzz, which ticks off all the things I did wrong with my previous design brief until I just recently changed the payment options and stopped loyalty card. So off now to come up with concept 5. Surely it’s 5th time lucky 😉

I’m looking forward to seeing Kirsty’s next flyer.  Here are some tips posted on my Facebook Business Page to think about when you are designing your next flyer:-

  •  Headline to be benefit led
  •  Try not to put too much specific info on that will be out of date quickly, this is especially the case if you are getting a lot printed.
  •  Keep it simple, not too many words (people won’t read it) Great picture if you can, something memorable and maybe a discount code on the flyer.
  • Catchy, bright and bold heading that stands out.
  • Think about where and how to distribute first and then design.
  •  Less is more when it comes to flyers. Brand, limited text that is bold and to the point so catches the readers attention and ultimately drives them to your website
  •  Call to action …dont forget your phone number
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