From tears of sadness to tears of joy – ‘Work It Baby’ celebrates the first 6 months!

Today is the 1st of May and is officially the 6 months anniversary of ‘Work It Baby‘. I know it doesn’t sound like a great achievement but I’ve heard that the first year is the hardest and especially the first 6 months. Now I’m by no means under any illusion that’s it’s going to be easy from now on. I know I still have a long battle to success, but still I’m over the moon to be where I’m at already.

Before I launched my business I went on many workshops and courses and was always told how difficult it was to run a business. I certainly believed them, but not until I actually started did I understand to the extent. These 6 months have been a real roller-coaster ride with many up’s and downs. I have to be honest and admit a very embarrassing secret that the first class I launched no-one actually turned up to. This was a very sad moment for me and wanted to give up there and then. After about 6 weeks I felt like I was going to have a break-down because I was working extremely hard and I just couldn’t get anyone through the doors. In December I already had to take some time out by order of the doctor and only launched November the 1st. I decided I was going to spend time with the family and enjoy Christmas. Best decision I made because it allowed me to realise that my business is all about mums and family, and what mum is going to start a new fitness regime right before Christmas? I wouldn’t, family first always.

I’m glad that in January after a fresh take on things I decided to give it another go. It paid off because from January my business has slowly grown and grown with some lovely highs in there. Those are the times that make it all so worth while and the most rewarding job in the world after being a Mum. Although I’ve had a couple of times when only one person attends and really had to spend that time trying to establish their goals and appreciate how lucky I am that they even returned. People that really appreciate your new and are not put off by the fact you’re not the latest trend, are a breath of fresh air for any new business. I’m so grateful that these people have seen the qualities in my classes.

Recently I’ve received some truly wonderful comments and reviews. I really don’t think the people who have said them have any idea what their words mean to me but they mean so much. So I’ll say it now ‘Thank you‘ for anyone who has taken the time to say something lovely or made the time to register and write a review, it does truly mean the world to me. I’m yet to have anyone come that hasn’t given me really positive feedback but I’m sure one day I will, but for now I’ll just enjoy the fact I haven’t.

My latest class to launch has only been going 3 weeks and it’s really taken off in that small amount of time. I’m so pleased and can only hope the success continues and flows to my other two classes.The first week of this class was fully booked and although I had last minute cancellations it was such an amazing feeling. Going from my first class with no-one to coming to filling a class felt like a real achievement. What was even better though they all left great feedback. This was such a high for me especially when one woman brought 3 friends the following week! Possibly one of the best times for me since launching.

Another high was when I was approached by Serendipity Sam’s asking me to run a class there. After hearing great things about me they asked me if I’m be willing to run a class. For me having someone sees your vision and likes what they hear about you is a real achievement. I was delighted when I did the first class and everyone said they’d be returning. I was so nervous about running a class there as I had no idea who would turn up and how they’d perceive the class.

I knew a few had already done many classes and enjoyed them including Zumba, which as a new business to be honest I’ve very much struggled to compete with these types of classes. Although we are completely different styles I’ve found because I’m not the latest big thing people are definitely reluctant to even try my class. Which is something I’ve had to learn to realise that my market is very niche and actually I’m quite proud of that. I’ve created a class after needing one after having my daughter but not being able to find what I needed. After always having my confidence shattered when going to classes surrounded by the super-fit and the coordinated I knew I needed a class of mums that would no doubt feel the same.

Mums support mums whether they have babies or teens. Mums also always complain about their tummies so my ‘Mummies with Tummies’ classes may not be for everyone but I’m certainly proud to of created this. I feel there is a real gap in the market for what I’m doing, that some mums like me just need. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea or something they will even try, but for the ones that are fans and have given my class a go make it more than worthwhile.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of my classes. I couldn’t have survived these 6 months without you and I truly love working with you all. Without you all realising it, you make it such a rewarding job and for that I’m so grateful. The last 6 months has totally transformed me, when I first launched I’d not longed qualified and felt sick every-time I had to do a class. I wasn’t a lover of exercise before I qualified and had many bad experiences when going to classes, so I felt an enormous amount of pressure to get it right.

I feel like my classes have come on leaps and bounds since qualifying but they wouldn’t have without you all inspiring me. It’s just your sheer determination and motivation that does it . It’s not easy to make yourself go to a class so your enthusiasm totally amazes me. It’s such a joy to work with you all. I still at times get nervous, as although I’m an instructor outside the class I’m relatively shy but you ladies without knowing it empower and motivate me. The fact you turn up, and have given me the opportunity to help you really makes me feel amazing, and when I have busy class I come away on such a high.

So I just want to say genuinely from the bottom of my heart thank-you. I don’t know the future of ‘Work It Baby‘ but one thing I do know is that I’m going to enjoy the ride and hope to continue working with you all.

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