A Day in the Life: Michele Porter, Team Leader with Jo Magdalena

**Jo Magdalena is no longer a trading business – Michele now represents Stella & Dot **

I used to be a morning person, then I had three children… now I am rudely awakened every morning by either crying, screaming or bickering and getting out of bed is a real struggle. After the nightmare that is the school run to drop of 6yo George, it’s back home and if it’s a ‘work’ day, I will have a bit of playtime with 18mth old Zoe and 4yo Oliver, before breaking the day into 30 minute chunks. I’ll spend 30 minutes returning emails, then making calls, then 30 minutes preparing dinner etc. The children play really well together and are used to this routine so it works well. Being my own boss is perfect as I choose if and when and where I work, I have no pressure from anyone and no stress. Makes a lovely change from my HR background! On the other hand you do need a certain amount of motivation and self-discipline to work like this.

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When I first became a Jo Magdalena Consultant, it was almost too easy, as I only needed to ‘work’ when I had a party to do. Shortly after joining I decided that I wanted to be a Team Leader as I could see the earnings potential. I became TL six months after my first party and that was about a year ago. Now I am proactive in running my business and allocate the equivalent of 3 days a week to it. I attend regular business networking groups as well as holding meetings and training sessions for my team. I also have the support of a mentor (an industry professional provided by Jo Magdalena) and a monthly meeting with other Team Leaders.

I do about one party a week. I get a real buzz from introducing people to the collection and the company. If it’s a party night, I’ll have dinner with the family, then get changed and smarten myself up. Most parties start at 8pm and I’ll do a quick 5 minute talk. The great thing about what I do is the products don’t need demonstrating! guests simply try it all on themselves. I take orders and payment and then pack away my kit, I’ll usually get home around 10.30pm in time for a glass of wine and a chat with Mr P before going to bed.

I have a large team of Consultants spanning the UK, please email me for more information on becoming a consultant: michele.porter1@gmail.com www.jomagdalena.net/michele

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