Day in the Life of … Super Mummy Lucy Smith

Days usually start about 6.30 when woken by my 2 year old son – aka “the crash test dummy” although sometimes it starts a little earlier as I sneak out of bed to do some email admin on both of my two businesses – Handprints Magazine and Debutots Early Years Drama.  Pre-6.30am is the one time of the day I can catch up before madness ensues. 4 year old daughter – aka “the madam” lies in and I am lucky if she is up before I leave to go to work at 7.45am.

I spend my weekdays tied to a desk managing a  finance team – not too exciting but certainly challenging. Sometimes I will take a long lunch break to fit in a Debutots session – so I leave my office in boring work clothes, change in the car and arrive at a session ready to entertain children with a 30 mins of adventure and imagination, music and dancing, then rush back to work and back to the world of finance usually looking like I just been for a session in the gym.

Back home about 4.30 to be Mummy – cook tea, play, get ready for bed.  At least 2 nights  a week I go to a networking meeting or meet with my business partner or one of my practitioners, so leave hubby with bath and bed. Other evenings are spent creating a community magazine with all the work that goes with that or planning the next term of Debutots classes.

Its 11ish when I may get chance to talk to hubby and sleep ready to start again the next day.  Its certainly a busy and challenging life being  an entrepreneur, drama teacher, mummy, magazine editor and employee but its rewarding and I am trying very hard to build a life for the future. I feel guilty about everything and am sure I everything will come crashing down sooner rather than later but I stay positive and every day is one day closer to my goal.  Oh, and its never ever boring!

Lucy Smith

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